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Episode starts with Soundarya says in one day we gonna unite as family. Hima asks if it’s true. Deepa says it’s true. Hima feels thrilled, she plays song in Soundarya Mobile and dances happily. That time Karthik and Sourya reaches to the place and gets shocked seeing Hima happy dance. Sourya asks him to come but Karthik goes back saying Hima is not getting bored without me. Sourya angrily goes inside. Soundarya asks her to join in dance.

Sourya asks what’s the occasion? Why you guys are not seeing surroundings, Dad came to meet Hima and we thought Hima will be bored but she is happy that’s why he left from here seeing this dance. Soundarya says you will also dance if you know the truth and they takes Sourya inside to tell what happened.

Mounitha thinks about Soundarya and Deepa discussion. Priyamani says don’t get worried Karthik and Deepa won’t get united. Karthik reaches to Mounitha place and listens to Priyamani words than he questions Mounitha what his mother and Deepa are planning. Sourya questions how her parents gonna united suddenly? What’s changed? Soundarya tells she will tell once it’s finished. Deepa sees Hima is sad and asks what happened. Hima says I’m feeling bad for Dad, don’t know where he went.

Mounitha tells to Karthik that your Mom planned amazing story with Tulasi and Deepa to make you changed. Karthik asks what’s that plan. Mounitha says Deepa created amazing story with Tulasi that Vihari can’t have kids and Deepa told this story to your Mom and she is planning to tell same story to you. Karthik remembers how Tulasi came to hospital. Mounitha asks what’s he thinking.

Karthik says maybe it can be true also, Tulasi met Doctor Govardan and according to Varanasi words she left from hospital in tears so their might be something. Mounitha blames herself for revealing this to Karthik and tells it’s good that you’re believing their story l, can you take my villa so you can spend time with Deepa.

Karthik asks why she is mocking him. Mounitha says think logically Tulasi might have problem not Vihari and I feel Tulasi and Deepa managed Govardan for this story, believe what your eyes saw 10 years back and don’t believe she stories of your Mom and Deepa. Karthik looks on and leaves from that place. Mounitha thinks he won’t believe that truth anymore.

Soundarya assures to Deepa that everything will be set. Soundarya asks Sourya to come with her than Hima to accompanies them to meet her Dad. Hima and Sourya reaches to Karthik place and discusses about where they have to keep things in their room after reunion of their parents. Aditya and Shravya asks them why they looks so happy.

Hima and Sourya says very soon we gonna unite, Granny told us this truth. Karthik listens their words and remembers Mounitha words. Aditya asks how they are so sure that stone hearted like my brother will change. Shravya shows him Karrhik. kids happily hugs Karthik. Karthik says I’m unable to live without seeing you Hima, stay here with me and he asks Sourya to stay with him too.

Precap – Soundarya tells to Karrhik that Vihari can’t have kids and our Deepa is pure, let’s bring Deepa to our home.