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Episode starts with Karthik feels happy seeing Hima and he asks her to stay with him saying he is missing her so much. Sourya removes his hand than Karthik says it didn’t mean that I’m sending you rowdy, stay with me, we 3 can live happily. Hima asks when he is going to bring their Mom.

Karthik asks won’t she stay with him without her Mom. Hima says it means tomorrow Mom won’t come here? Karthik leaves without answering her. Deepa tensely waits for Soundarya call but she gets Hima call.

Hima in tears questions her Mom, why she cheated them with lies that they gonna unite as family? How can we unite against Dad wishes, why you guys are making us cry. Deepa feels bad. Sourya takes phone and asks her Mom to don’t consider Hima words seriously and consoles Hima and asks her to give that one day time to their Mom. Aditya and Shravya takes kids inside.

Deepa in tears thinks it means Mom in law didn’t tell anything to Doctor babu and in Hima view I became lier, I can manage Hima but my tension won’t go until Mom in law talks with Doctor babu, she prays god to unite their family and questions God if Karthik believes the truth?

Murali Krishna reaches to home and gets stunned seeing his wife is doing Pooja and takes his blessing. Murali Krishna thinks she is possessed and calls everyone. Bhagyalakshmi says nothing possessed me but my Bhakti increased after visiting so many temples and listening so many Upanyasams plus I’m planning to do Vratam next week so invite Soundarya and her family including Deepa and Doctor babu.

Murali Krishna says it’s tough to invite Karthik along with Deepa to our home. Bhagyalakshmi says you can do it and if you can’t do it than I can’t do this Vratam. Murali Krishna tells her that he will try.

Karthik asks Anji to take car to mechanic. Soundarya takes Karthik aside and says that she is excited to share some truth to him. Karthik reminsces Mounitha words and asks what’s the matter. Soundarya tells him that Vihari can’t have kids and Doctors revealed it. Karthik shouts Anji to clean marks on car properly. Soundarya says Deepa is pure so clear your doubts in heart and being Deepa to home.

Karthik won’t concentrate on Soundarya words and shouts at Anji irritatedly. Soundarya asks him to answer. Karthik says car is unbearable, urgently I must change it like Mounitha said and he goes to car. Soundarya thinks Karthik may not listen to my words.

Murali Krishna goes to Deepa place and asks what’s special? Seems like you’re preparing sweet. Deepa won’t answer him. Murali Krishna asks what happened? Why you looks tensed.

Deepa tells him that she is in tension that’s why scared thinking my nerves may burst that’s why I’m trying to busy myself in doing something. Murali Krishna makes her sit in chair and he sits in floor, Deepa reminsces past incident and smiles in tears.

Murali Krishna gets worried and asks her to share the pain. Deepa says God gave one chance and my Mom in law went to set my Marriedlife as mediator and I don’t know whether I’m passed or Failed that’s why I’m in tension. Murali Krishna asks how she got that chance. Deepa says through Tulasi.

Precap – Karthik remembers his Mom words and he thinks to know the complete matter. Soundarya asks Deepa to tell truth to Karthik taking Tulasi with her.