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The episode starts with Mounitha gets tensed seeing Deepa with cloth covered plate. Deepa teases Mounitha with her words. Mounitha asks what’s under cloth. Deepa removes the cloth and shows the Tambulam she bought for her. Mounitha asks why she bought all these things. Deepa says she came here to invite her to their Dussehra celebration at Karthik place.

Mounitha gets shocked. Deepa invites her with Kumkum and Tambulam. Mounitha asks what are they planning against her. Deepa says their is no plan, it’s just to share her happiness with anyone and if you’re courageous than attend our function. Mounitha angrily says she will attend the celebration. Deepa leaves. Mounitha pinches herself and thinks it’s not dream but why she invited me? What’s going to happen.

Hima talks with her Granddaughter pic saying she found the truth that she is orphan. Karthik sees her and asks whether she is missing him. Hima says yes and asks when he will return from Kolkata. Karthik says he will return in the next week. Hima says did you told Grandpa that you’re searching my parents. Karthik says nope because he might get tensed.

Sourya comes with dresses and says their dresses are same this time too. Hima nods ok. Sourya says Nanamma bought these clothes ,how they are looking. Karthik says good. Hima asks will she get to know her parents details. Karthik says believe in God, you will get them. Hima says I trust you more than god. Karthik says he will fulfill her belief. Sourya asks where is her Mom. Hima says don’t know. Karthik thinks where she gone at this early morning.

Soundarya asks Deepa about Mounitha reaction to her invitation. Deepa says she gets shocked but agrees to attend our celebration. Soundarya says don’t know why she dissaperaring from our place suddenly, is she getting scared seeing someone in our house. Deepa says she is coming to create scene but leaving suddenly and noone knows about Mounitha truths from our family apart from us. Karthik asks them what they are planning. Soundarya says I’m training my daughter in law.

Karthik asks why they invited Mounitha and what’s their plan. Soundarya and Deepa says they are not planning anything. Karthik says it’s Pooja for Hima but now I feel you’re planned to do something against Mounitha. Soundarya says they didn’t do anything. Karthik says something is wrong otherwise you guys will never invite Mounitha, I’m warning you guys before don’t create any scene in the event. Deepa and Soundarya smiles and goes inside.

On the way Mounitha thinks what if Anji caughts her and she returns her car to home. Sourya asks Hima to get ready. Hima says she will come later. Deepa asks why she didn’t get ready and says this Pooja is organised to get her Parents. Hima sats did I get my parents? Don’t know how my looks like.

Deepa asks what will she do if she saw her Mom. Hima says i will question her why she left me? Don’t know why she gave me to Grandmother, which mother will do in this way? Do you give Sourya if someone asked you? Mom must be like you who raise her kid doing hardwork even though you’re seperated from Doctor babu, can’t my mother feed? Deepa in tears says don’t talk in this way because you didn’t know your Mom situation.

Hima says don’t know but kids must raise with their mother, this family loves me but I want to see my biological parents. Deepa says consider me like your mother until you know about your parents. Hima says you can treat me like a mother but you can’t become my mother right. Feels gets shocked.

Precap – Family members performs pooja. Mounitha about to enter home but Soundarya stops her and Deepa goes towards her with Trishul.