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Episode starts with Soundarya goes to Deepa house and notices that Deepa is happily choosing good saree to go with Karthik. Deepa notices Soundarya and she asks her to sit and gives her water than she asks if she told truth to Karthik or not. Soundarya says I told him but he didn’t responded. Deepa gets stunned. Soundarya says I’m stupid even after knowing he won’t believe me, I went to talk with him, maybe I failed to convey him properly but you have to do it by yourself.

Deepa in tears tears says he won’t believe me also. Soundarya says he listned to me and I feel he may start thinking about it and once he founds it’s truth he can’t even see at your face. Deepa says why these men behave in this way? I thought your son will believe you but he loves lies more than truth and it’s like this way is closed too, leave this matter.

Deepa unpacks the photos. Soundarya asks what’s she doing. Deepa says I packed them thinking we are shifting to that house but realized this wall is perminant for these photos. Soundarya says you believed that he will change that’s why you packed all these things right. Deepa says yes. Soundarya says keep that hope alive and try so you can unite with your husband. Deepa says I can’t do it mom in law because my hopes are dead. Soundarya says you can do it, go like his wife and tell him everything what Tulasi told you and if he won’t believe it than search Tulasi and take him to her, listen to me, tomorrow I will make him stay at home and I will take everyone to temple so meet him and inform this truth to him. Deepa agrees.

Next day Karthik wakesup and notices Kids are not beside him. Soundarya calls him and asks if she check her WhatsApp message. Karthik asks where she went. Soundarya says check it you will know. Karthik listens audio message that Everyone went to temple for Pooja and asks him to have breakfast. Karthik thinks why they didn’t invited me, are they planning something than thinks it might not be and goes to freshen up.

Deepa prays god to make Karthik believe the truth. Mounitha thinks what might happen when Karthik went to Tulasi house , she calls Karthik and asks him If he met Tulasi. Karthik says Tulasi is not at home and she vacated the house completely taking deposit amount. Mounitha happily says so she went to America. Karthik says might be. Mounitha happily invites him for breakfast. Karthik says no because Mom arranged everything and went to temple.

Mounitha asks why they went to temple leaving you at home? I think Deepa might came to talk with you that’s why they might arranged this setup, enjoy. Karthik says shut your mouth and don’t irritate me with thus kind of jokes and he cuts the call. Mounitha thinks Karthik is not believing but I feel it might be Soundarya plan to make these people get privacy to talk with eachother. Karthik serves Tiffin in his place. Deepa enters to his place.

Precap – Karthik notices Deepa and he goes to kitchen and prepares Ghee dosa for her. Deepa asks him to listen to her but he won’t saying how many years he have to listen.