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Episode starts with Mounitha thinks what to answer to Roshini if she questions me who’s Anji? Priyamani asks if she wants to have coffee. Mounitha denies. Deepa enters to Mounitha’s place and asks Priyamani to get coffee. Mounitha thinks to act strong. Deepa asks why she us trying to act Infront of her. Mounitha says nothing and she asks Priyamani to get coffee for her sister. Deepa says her wish to call her sister won’t get fulfilled in this life because Karthik won’t marry you.

Mounitha thinks it’s Deepa who make Anji called to Registrar that’s why she looks confident and tells to Deepa that she is getting smile seeing her over confidence. Deepa says you might already get phone call right. Mounitha thinks which phone call she is addressing than she tells to Deepa that she didn’t get any call, that time she gets ACP call. Deepa asks her to attend call. Mounitha attends the call and Roshini asks her to come soon to meet her.

Mounitha tells to Deepa that she is going to Roshini place to teach lesson to her family. Deepa says we are going because she called me too and don’t know Anji or Durga who’s waiting for you at ACP place. Mounitha looks shocked. Deepa takes Mounitha with her.

Kids plants trees. Karthik goes to them. Kids asks why he looks sad. Karthik says he is tired because of his stay at hospital and he asks from where they get the plants. Kids says they get it from exhibition. Karthik asks about Deepa. Kids asks didn’t she come to hospital. Karthik says no.

Hima says maybe she went to home. Sourya says Mom told us to tell good news when these plants blossoms flowers, do you know about it. Karthik sats don’t know but wait for it because it’s good news. Kids agrees. Karthik thinks to search Anji to expose Mounitha crimes before his kids finds about Mounitha’s pregnancy.

Anandrao thinks about Deepa words and he asks Aditya to get his phone. Aditya says it’s not good time to get hyper. Anandrao asks Aditya to call his elder son and assures him that he won’t scold him. Aditya happily calls Karthik.

Deepa and Mounitha reaches to Roshini place and Mounitha feels relaxed when she notices their is no Anji at Roshini place. Roshini asks why they came together. Deepa apologies to her for coming without appointment. Mounitha looks shocked. Roshini says she don’t need appointment to meet her. Mounitha asks why she called her. Roshini says it’s because of Anji which makes her shocked.

Kids meets Anandrao and asks about his health. Anandrao says he is fine than Kids goes to play with Deepu. Karthik goes to his Dad’s room and checks his pulse. Anandrao tells him that he is feeling bad for scolding him. Karthik says that’s fine to him if his health gets better. Anandrao tells him that he is worried for his marrital life. Karthik asks him to don’t think about anything which can increase his heart pressure.

Anandrao says I called you here to talk about Deepa and she is really light to your darkness and she didn’t insulted you even though she get opportunity and she told me greatly about you and you’re lucky to get her in your life. Karthik agrees. Anandrao says your wife is believing that you didn’t done any mistake so prove it and get rid of Mounitha by solving this problem. Karthik agrees.

Roshini says Anji is driver but in past he used to kill people for money and how do you know that Anji. Mounitha says she knows Anji as Karthik’s driver only. Anji asks how he is trying to stop your marriage if he don’t have any connection with you? Did he loved you. Mounitha says no. Roshini asks what enmity they have between them.

Episode ends.

Precap – Deepa shows to Karthik that Mounitha’s celebrating after knowing Anji objecting the marriage is lie so find Anji and teach her lesson.