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Episode starts with Deepa asks Hima to consider her as mother until she founds her parents. Hima says you see me like a mother but you can’t become my mother. Deepa gets shocked and cries. Sourya leaves from room placing Hima clothes. Hima asks did I hurted you? Why you’re crying. Deepa says no, you’re right, Vantalakka can’t be your Mom, pray to Goddess to show your mother, she will help you. Hima feels happy and goes to get ready.

Family members prays to Goddess and they wishes eachother. Soundarya sees Mounitha at entrance and stops her and than says to Deepa that Mounitha came. Deepa goes towards Mounitha with Trishul and Mounitha gets shocked and it’s turned to be Mounitha imagination. Karthik thinks they might insult Mounitha but Deepa invites her to come inside and asks her to take Aarti. Everyone looks shocked with the change.

Murali Krishna sees the scene and gets shocked. Aditya asks what’s happening and they gets shocked seeing Soundarya Talking normally with Mounitha. Karthik says why these two are showing so much love on her. Deepa gives Aarti to Karthik and Aditya, Hima and Sourya.

Soundarya asks Aditya to call Pandit. Mounitha goes beside Karthik. Deepa happily goes to Murali Krishna and asks when he came. Murali Krishna says he came here to escape from different behaviour of Bhagyalakshmi but after seeing the scene at your home I’m got shocked, what’s all these? Deepa says it’s end of her problem and ask him to join the pooja. Aditya to welcomes him.

Mounitha asks what’s happening. Karthik says I feel like they gonna insult you, why you came here. Mounitha says do want me to leave? I’m not getting how Deepa invited me. Karthik says don’t blame me if they insult you because I’m performing this Pooja for Hima happiness and he leaves. Mounitha thinks to leak the Hima truth to Karthik if they insults her.

Pandit arranges things for Looks. Soundarya asks Mounitha to sit beside her fir Pooja. Mounitha sits beside her. Aditya says I’m unable to see this scenes brother. Karthik says Mounitha will deal it, we can’t do anything. Pandit asks for Akshantalu. Soundarya asks Mounitha to get them from Kitchen.

Mounitha prepares Akshantalu. Murali Krishna says to her that his dream is fulfilled seeing Deepa with Karthik and asks when she gonna marry. Mounitha asks what earned with two marriages in his life. Murali Krishna gets startled and leaves out.

Karthik thinks Deepa may sit beside me like she did during Vinayak Chaviti and he makes Hima and Sourya sit beside him. Deepa looks on. Pandit asks Deepa to sit beside left side of her husband. Hima moves side and makes Deepa sit beside Karthik. Deepa feels happy and Karthik gets shocked. Murali Krishna sees them happily. Pandit asks for Akshantalu. Mounitha rashly comes out and she gets slipped and Akshantalu fells on Karthik and Deepa. Everyone feels happy except Mounitha. Pandit asks why it’s pour on them before Pooja. Soundarya says it’s blessings from goddess.

Precap – Mounitha says she is in love with someone from years and she prayed goddess to make her married with her love. Deepa smiles and says whom wishes will god fulfill?