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The episode starts with Pandit asks how Akshantalu fell on them. Soundarya says Goddess blessed her family. Pandit asks Mounitha to get Akshantalu again. Pandit asks him to tell the Gothra. Karthik is not interested than Hima tells Gothra and names of Karthik, Deepa, Sourya and says that’s it. Deepa says Hima. Pandit chants everyone names.

 Mounitha gives Akshantalu to Brahmin. Soundarya asks Mounitha to sit beside her. Karthik and Deepa performs Pooja with their kids. Everyone feels happy except Mounitha. Brahmin gives Aarti to everyone than he asks family to do pradakshina.  After Pradakshina Brahmin asks Deepa to apply Gandam to Soundarya and Mounitha. Deepa applied Gandam to Soundarya and Mounitha dreams that Deepa is holding her neck tightly. Brahmin asks them bring papers to tie Jammi chettu. Soundarya sends Sourya and Hima to get the papers.


Deepa asks Pandit to search good match for Mounitha. Murali Krishna says he will do Kanyadan. Deepa says she will do Kanyadan with Karthik. Soundarya asks whether he have any matches. Pandit about to says some matches but Mounitha stops him and says that she is in love with some guy from years and she came to pooja and prays to Goddess to make me get unite with my love and goddess will fulfill my desire. Deepa asks Pandit ji, whom wishes will god fulfill? Good or Bad people? Pandit says it’s based on our past birth karma pal but at last Good wins over Bad. Deepa smiles seeing Mounitha.


Sourya and Hima gets the papers. Pandit gives papers to everyone and asks them to write their wishes on chit to tie it on Jammi chettu. Soundarya asks Pandit to give chit to Mounitha also because she is like our family. Everyone looks shocked. Pandit gives chit to her. Everyone writes their wishes. Soundarya asks what you think that Mounitha is writing.

 Deepa says Mounitha indirectly said that she wants to marry my husband and if she writes that wish than I will kill her with my Trishul. Soundarya asks her to write. Karthik thinks maybe Hima is writing to get her parents. Soundarya says what if Sourya writes about Hima being her sister. Deepa says don’t make me get tensed. Soundarya says it’s my experience.


Mounitha hides seeing Anji. Aditya asks Anji to drop Murali Krishna at their place. Anji agrees and leaves. Pandit makes everyone performs the Pooja to Jammi chettu and asks them to tie the chits to tree saying their dreams get fulfilled if it’s good wish. Deepa asks Mounitha to tie first which makes Karthik gets shocked. Aditya says don’t know what’s happening.

 Karthik says something gonna be happen. Later everyone ties their chits and Pandit explains the story of vijayadasami and makes them do the pradakshina around Jammi chettu and than says Pooja is over. Karthik gives Dakshin to Brahmin. Deepa takes Mounitha inside and gives them prasad. Mounitha asks what of someone reads those chits. Soundarya says it will handled by Jammi chettu so have your Prasad.

 Karthik comes with chits and places them in table. Soundarya asks why he bought those chits. Karthik says it’s best way to know about the inner feelings of everyone and he asks Soundarya to read the chits. Soundarya takes one chit and that chit turns to be her chit and she reads that her son’s and Daughter in law’s must live happily with their kids Infront of her eyes.

 Karthik gives another chit. It’s Deepa chit, she reads that Deepa wants to live in her Sasural with her husband and Kids. Hima asks you have one daughter than why you wrote kids? Deepa reveals that she have another daughter along with Sourya.


Precap – Mounitha reveals to Karthik that Deepa is innocent and how she planned to kill Deepa even after separating her with him using Vihari. Everyone gets shocked.