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Episode starts with Karthik about to have his breakfast than he notices Deepa and thinks Mounitha is correct, it’s happening with plan. Karthik asks Deepa to come inside and he haves his breakfast. Deepa about to tell him something but Karthik stops her and offers to have Tiffin than he notices Dosas are not warm and he goes to kitchen and prepares Ghee dosa for her.

Deepa tells him that she wants to tell him something. Karthik sarcastically and indirectly tells her that he won’t believe her words and gives her Dosa. Deepa says listen to me peacefully. Karthik says I’m listening peacefully only, you have everyone’s support but your batch went to temple, where Mom takes them? When they will return.

Deepa I’m tears asks him to listen to her. Karthik asks how many years he have to listen her. Deepa says I know. Karthik asks what she knows. Deepa says nothing. Karthik asks her to leave after having Tiffin. Deepa about to go leaving Tiffin. Karthik stops her and asks her to stay until his Mom and other family members return to home.

On the way AnandRao asks what’s she thinking. Soundarya says I’m thinking about Deepa, wish they can unite. AnandRao says suspicion is dangerous and Karthik us roaming around lies and not realising what’s truth. Soundarya says I told Deepa to tell everything to Karthik. AnandRao asks will he change. Soundarya says for sure and they might already get united and we can see their happy faces once we go to home.

Deepa sits at door steps reminscing Karthik behaviour towards her. Soundarya and others reaches to home and gets shocked seeing Deepa. Soundarya asks her what happened. Deepa says she is still outside door. Soundarya asks Shravya to take kids inside. AnandRao asks what happened. Deepa tells them everything and says he don’t want to believe.

Soundarya takes Deepa inside. Karthik welcomes them saying he is waiting for them. Soundarya asks why he is not giving chance. Karthik says I won’t give any chance because it’s scripted plan by both of you and I found it. Deepa asks what you know? You don’t know anything and living in your illusion without knowing truth, listen to us once.

Karthik asks what you gonna tell me? Deepa says I can tell you about the proof I got to prove my innocence. Karthik says I’m eye witness to what happened. Deepa asks won’t he believe anyone’s words. Karthik says I went to confront Tulasi but she vacated her house and left from this city, if it’s truth why will Tulasi hide from me. Soundarya says you’re a stupid and didn’t gave chance to Tulasi that’s why she didn’t tell you. Karthik says stop your plans, it’s enough and don’t think I’m fool to believe these fabricated stories.

AnandRao says we have fool as son that’s why you won’t believe anything but we want you to change for your kids and Deepa get a hope with this truth and that’s gave us courage so we arranged this meeting with you and went to temple but youre not listening to truth and killed the hope of everyone. Karthik says he can’t burn his hand for their hopes.

Precap – Karthik says I’m proof for everything so I won’t believe your fake stories and he points Deepa personality than Soundarya gets angry and raises her hand but Deepa stops her.