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Episode starts with Mounitha thinks 4 more kilometres to reach Suryapet than she calls her men and asks him to book cab from eight hotel to her farm house in Yadagirigutta and she asks him to make his workers clean the villa. Deepa thinks Mounitha is planning to keep Anji in her farmhouse, it’s good for me that she is travelling with me. Mounitha thinks noone can stop her marriage with Karthik.

Deepa thinks I forgot my phone otherwise I may send Mounitha photo to Karthik than she plans to give Jhalak to her so she asks Venkatesh to switch on the light saying she is unable to get her water bottle. Mounitha turns back thinking it’d like Deepa voice and she gets shocked seeing her. Deepa asks how are you and where are you going. Mounitha remembers Venkatesh words that they are travelling to Vijayawada and she asks Venkatesh to stop the car and she sits beside Deepa and asks Venkatesh to start the car and than she asks Deepa to tell what is special. Deepa says you will get to know it tomorrow.

On the Aditya says Mounitha’s phone is not reachable. Karthik says it means out if station than where Deepa went. Aditya says both might be at one place. Karthik says don’t talk in this way, Deepa must return to home safely.

Mounitha asks Deepa to talk openly until Venkatesh return from tea stall. Deepa says let’s talk closely. Mounitha says you might be surprised that I’m not stopping wedding preparations even though you told me to spoil my wedding plus I’m travelling with you in highway because I don’t care about anything. Deepa thinks she is acting like strong because she find Anji details. Mounitha asks where she is going. Deepa says she is going to Durga.

Mounitha gets shocked and asks where. Deepa says it’s Durga temple in Vijayawada for prayers not for Durga and why you’re going to Eight hotel. Mounitha says she came to eight hotel to take cooks for her marriage. Deepa teases Mounitha and Mounitha asks why she is travelling alone without her husband and kids. Deepa says you may feel that my husband ran away that’s why I asked him to take rest at home to face you on 25th.

Mounitha thinks what’s Deepa’s confidence? Did she found about Anji whereabouts like me! Than she asks Deepa to never challenge her. Deepa says tomorrow at 11.30 your life is going to changed otherwise I will change my name. Mounitha gets petrified. Venkatesh returns to car and asks Deepa why Mounitha’s standing like doll. Deepa asks where she wants to sit. Mounitha sits beside Venkatesh seat.

Karthik returns to home and thinks that they lost the happiness because of Mounitha than how to solve it.

Venkatesh drops Mounitha at eight hotel. Mounitha gives him money but Venkatesh denies to take it than Deepa asks him to start the car accepting the money. Mounitha notices Deepa’s car left from that place than she goes inside the hotel and enquires about Anji room. Deepa asks Venkatesh to return to eight hotel. Mounitha knocks Anji room door. Anji opens the door and gets shocked seeing her and he about to warn her but she holds his feet and asks him to forgive her and tells him that she came to take him to her marriage. Anji says he is waiting for her death and what’s her new drama.

Mounitha says I’m changed woman and i United Karthik with Deepa and accepted my crimes Infront of Karthik and they forgave me Nd im marrying the Doctor that’s why I came here to call you to my marriage like my brother. Anji says story is good but i won’t believe you so tell me what you did? And I know that you won’t leave Karthik easily and he warns her to never harm Deepa. Mounitha hours him to shut up and questions what’s your relationship with Deepa? Why you guys are sincere to her even though she didn’t have anything to you.

Episode ends.

Precap – Anji says he will expose her crimes by making her fell in Karthik and Deepa’s feet. Mounitha aims revolver at him and asks him to die for Deepa saying she won’t leave Karthik. Deepa records everything in tab. Mounitha says she will kill him like she made him kill Hima.