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Episode starts with AnandRao says we arranged this meeting with hope but you’re not in position to listen anyone and our hopes are died. Karthik says I can’t burn my hands for your hopes and noone can believe this Vantalakka words, why Vihari and Tulasi waited for 10years to conduct these tests? Isnt it looks rubbish, am I looking stupid to believe these fake stories. Soundarya says you’re stupid that’s why you’re unable to believe the truth. Karthik says what he knows is real and remaining is fake. Deepa says don’t be so harsh it’s not your nature, I never want you to see you low and if I did mistake than I may not wait for you in this way from 10 years, thinks once. Karthik says I’m witness to everything so won’t think about fake proofs you’re telling.

Deepa asks won’t he trust her. Karthik says I can never trust you in this life. Deepa says good, I can’t bear it anymore. Soundarya says she will talk. Deepa says he won’t understand me Mom in law because he don’t need me and my kids, you guys are thinking finally we got chance to clear our misunderstandings but still he is thinking it’s fake stories. Karthik says don’t tell me anything you’re low kind of lady who is ready to expose Vihari marrital life for your use than how can I trust you. Soundarya raises her hand to slap him but Deepa stops her saying my life won’t change and I have to live in darkness only than she sees kids coming downstairs.

Deepa hugs her daughter’s and tells them that she is unable to fulfill her promise to them and choose one of us, if you want Mom you can come with me and if you want Dad stay with him because he don’t have problem with your stay. Everyone feels emotional. Kids hugs her. Deepa about to leave the house heavy heartily, Karthik hugs kids and asks them to contact him whenever they are in problems and never forget me and believe that I’m good person that’s enough to me. Deepa takes Kids and leaves home while reminscing their past moments. Karthik runs upstairs.

Mounitha thinks what can be Karthik family members plan, what if Deepa went to meet him? What might happened? She calls Karthik to know about it. Karthik cuts call saying he will call her later. Deepa reaches to her home in tears. Karthik feels sad thinking his moments with Hima and Sourya. Sourya and misses her moments with Karthik. Sourya asks Varanasi to leave her at Karthik place. Hima says Dad don’t need us that’s why he didn’t stop us when we are leaving home than why you want to go to him. Sourya says Dad is so good mom, he took good care of me than how to stay away from good man like Dad, it’s tough to live without him until now you guys says we can unite as family but now I realised we can never get that day to unite as family.

Precap – Sourya and Hima says they needs their Dad. Deepa asks Varanasi to leave kids at Karthik place. Aditya fights with Karthik for Deepa. AnandRao feels pain seeing their fight.