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Episode starts with Karthik thinks about Hima words and cries. Soundarya comes to him and wipes his tears and makes him drink the water and says you’re my son what happened to you. Karthik says I’m Doctor babu to everyone including you. Soundarya says you’re feeling in that way and we can’t see your tears and sadnedss, I’m proud to have a son like you. Karthik says he dies as a father.

Soundarya says Hima is still kid and searching for her parents but she will get to know about your love very soon and she will be your daughter forever and she won’t go even if she founds her parents because her heart knows how much you love her and in upcoming days everything gets settled and your daughter will play with you happily.

Karthik holds Soundarya hands says don’t from know where these people came? Hima is showing sympathy on them and going far from me and this Deepa is trying to separate Hima from me but I won’t forgive Deepa in my life and Hima is enough for me. Soundarya looks on.

Priyamani goes to Mounitha room with coffee and gets shocked seeing her ready in the early morning and asks what’s today special. Mounitha takes coffee and I’m learning to wake up early so it will be easy after my Marriage with Karthik. Priyamani says you always dream for your marriage but currently Deepa is currently staying with them and what if Karthik too accepts her listening to his mother and Hima words? You have to make quick decision to get Karthik. Mounitha says I will make Karthik agree to marry me.

Next morning Deepa asks what’s Soundarya is thinking. Soundarya says she is feeling bad for Karthik. Deepa says he is the one who revealed Hima as Orphan even though we warned him about consequences, it’s his mistake. Soundarya says he us unable to bear the consequence.

Deepa says her daughter is not liking Karthik behaviour and wants to leave from this house, you’re thinking about your son but I’m getting hurt seeing my daughter’s pain and you’re stopping me to reveal the truth. Soundarya says he can bear one more truth. Deepa says you think for your son only and don’t know when truth comes out. Soundarya says he may go from us if he knows the truth. Deepa says you’re saying this from years and stopping me to reveal the truth. Soundarya stays silent.

Hima and Sourya comes downstairs. Soundarya asks what Hima wants in Tiffin. Hima sats asks Sourya because I can eat anything you have. Soundarya says stupid we will feel hurt if you behave in this way. Hima leaves saying she is hurt if they asks her alone. Soundarya asks Sourya but she leaves saying she don’t need anything.

Soundarya sits down in sad mode and than receives video from Karthik saying he is guilty and feeling bad, I must regain Hima trust by getting to know about her parents so I won’t come back to home until I get her parents so don’t search for me. Sourya listens Everything from back and thinks this people won’t reveal truth to Hima that’s why he went out in pain. Soundarya says how you search yourself and she goes to Deepa. Deepa says she is making favourite Tiffin of Karthik.

Precap – Soundarya shows video to Deepa and Deepa says he us searching for himself, don’t know when he realises this truth.