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Episode starts with Soundarya asks what she want to say. Mounitha says she got pregnant because of her son Karthik. Everyone gets baffled. Karthik says stop it, don’t cross your limits and it’s not the time for jokes, I never considered Deepa and Mom words about you but now I’m witnessing myself how you’re spoiling my house atmosphere even though we didn’t invite you, are you my friend or enemy? Why you’re accusing me. Mounitha says she is speaking truth. Karthik asks her to get out from his site.

Mounitha says you proved your self as man, do you have this much low opinion about females? My pregnancy can’t be hided that’s why I revealed it and you will know with DNA test that I’m carrying your baby and I’m promising on god and baby, you’re responsible for my pregnancy and today it’s proved with me that you can have kids and she apologies to Deepa for supporting Karthik’s suspicion on her and tells to Deepa that she is pure and don’t know how you beared the condemnation from years when I can’t bear it for a moment and she asks Soundarya to decide how they are planning to do justice to her and she leaves after placing her pregnancy report near god.

Murali Krishna cries and questions Karthik why he played with girls life and asks how many others girls life he spoiled thinking he can’t have kids. Soundarya gets tears. Karthik shouts Murali Krishna Garu. Murali Krishna says stop it, you will call me with my name when you get angry and addresses me as Father in law if he likes and you doubted my daughter character when she got pregnant and you insulted my daughter badly and questioned me how my daughter got pregnancy and even I doubted my own daughter for some days believing his words and my daughter already beared so much of your insults, why you make her live and killing her again and again with your actions? What’s Deepa mistake?

Murali Krishna asks Soundarya how she is going to punish his son for ruining his daughters life and what justice she is planning for his daughter and questions why they save his daughter? Until I used to believe your words that your son is good but now I know his greatness and he mocks Soundarya for having son like Karthik and he tells to Deepa that she didn’t do any mistake except to born for him and he asks her to come with him. Everyone looks on.

Episode ends.

Precap – Soundarya in tears says it’s sad to know your purity because of that Mounitha. Mounitha begs Karthik to not leave her like he left Deepa. Feels says she don’t want life of pity.