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Episode starts with Sourya says Dad is so good it’s tough to stay away from him, until now you and Granny said very soon we gonna unite as family but I get it that it can never happen but don’t know how to stay away from Dad. Hima says let’s go to Dad when he call us because he can’t stay without seeing me. Sourya says that day can never happen.

Hima says I too want Dad. Deepa says go to your Dad, I won’t stop you and she asks Varanasi to drop kids at Karthik’s place. Sourya and Hima says they want both if them. Deepa says your Dad won’t accept me but he will raise you guys with love.

Sourya asks what about you mom. Deepa says 10 years back I comeout of that house like orphan and lived until now and will live rest of the life too with these plants, I don’t have life without you but I won’t stop your bright future until now I have hope that we can unite but now that hope is died.

Varanasi says today I’m angry with you Sourya, how can you run behind your Dad forgetting your Mom’s love, anyways come I will drop you guys at your Dad’s place. Sourya and Hima apologies to Deepa and hugs their Mom saying they want her if they have to choose between Mom and Dad.

Karthik comes to downstairs and notices everyone sits sadly than he says it’s me who have to live painfully not you guys, Deepa took away my daughter from me and I don’t know how to cure my heart pain still you guys won’t have any pity for me and you guys are part of this sin.

Aditya shouts saying no, don’t involve us in that sin because you’re solely responsible for it. Karthik says what I did? I love kids and took best care of them but they left with their Mom leaving me. Aditya sats you’re responsible for it. Karthik says shutup. Aditya says I won’t. AnandRao asks Aditya to control saying Karthik won’t listen them.

Aditya says Brother imagined something and living in that illusion without seeing the truth and I have who this kind of people who shows self pity. Karthik says you’re talking nonsense. Aditya says your illusion and attitude is nonsense. Soundarya says control Aditya because your brother won’t believe the truth that Deepa is pure. Karthik says Deepa is intelligently manipulating you guys that’s why your eyes are closed in her love.

Aditya says your eyes are closed in suspicion not ours, don’t you have Shame to insult sister in law who’s innocent. Karthik shouts at him. Aditya asks him to beat him. AnandRao breaksdown seeing their pain holding his chest. Everyone gets worried and Karthik asks Aditya to call Ambulance.

Deepa gets Soundarya call but she cuts it. Kids asks if it’s Dad or Granny call. Deepa says unknown call and reminsces Karthik words to kids. Varanasi asks if she didn’t cook anything. Deepa says no. Varanasi says I will get good for you guys from my home. Deepa says no need, this situation won’t change in a day, I have to live for my kids.

Precap – Karthik checks reports and asks AnandRao and Soundarya to forget about Deepa completely for their good health.