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The episode starts with Soundarya informs Deepa in tears that she don’t know when Karthik will return to home. Deepa says she is not getting. Soundarya says he went from home. Deepa says maybe he went out because of me right. Soundarya says no and shows the Karthik video to her and says I’m not getting what to do? Where he will he search them? Why can’t you talk.

Deepa says I’m feeling like you only, Already Hima is asking for parents keeping us Infront of her and Otherside Sourya have to behave like outsider with her sister and Father, now your son went to search for himself, don’t know when he will return and who is responsible for this situation m soundarya in tears says she is the reason for everything but I can’t rectify my mistake and can’t get him back. Deepa consoles Soundarya.

Mounitha plans to know where is Karthik, she parks her car aside and calls him but Call didn’t get connected saying Number is unable. Mounitha thinks maybe he is at operation theatre, so I will go to hospital and talk with him about my marriage.

Hima notices Sourya in tears and asks what happened. Sourya thinks Hima don’t know Doctor babu is missing, how will she react if she knows it. Hima says I’m outsider so you won’t reveal it to me. Sourya stops her and shows the Karthik video.

Hima gets shocked knowing Karthik went from home because to search her Parents. Hima asks won’t he return home until he found my Parents? Sourya thinks where he can get them, these people are not revealing truth to you and it’s paining both you and Doctor babu and she leaves from that place without answering Hima question.

Mounitha gets to know from hospital that Karthik went somewhere handling his duties to other doctor and he is unavailable in phone too. Mounitha gets shocked and tries his number but it won’t get connected.

Hima imagines like she is going from that house with her parents and reminsces her moments with everyone and thinks where is her Dad and it turns to be Hima dream. Hima thinks whether her parents can love her Like Karthik? My parents didn’t care about me after giving me for adoption and why I didn’t think in this way? I won’t ask for my parents and I will call Doctor babu as Dad because he can’t live without me.

Next day Sourya reminsces her moments with Doctor babu and thinks everyone is giving pain to Karthik by hiding the truth. Hima says sorry Sourya because of me Karthik is went out to search my parents. Sourya says it’s mistake of our Mom and Grandmother. Hima asks whether she is angry on her. Sourya says no. Hima says but I’m getting angry on myself, you’re good that’s why you’re not blaming me. Sourya says it’s not her mistake.

Hima says she is the one who tortured Karthik to get her Parents even though he raised her with so much love, I want him back because I don’t need my Parents and will never ask him about my Parents , hope someone brings him back to home because I want to see him immediately. Sourya consoles her and thinks everything is happening because of her Mom and Grandmother.


Precap – Mounitha questions Deepa and Soundarya where Karthik is went.