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Episode starts with Varanasi searches Everywhere for Karthik but he didn’t found him than he informs to Deepa that Karthik is not their in any cardiology hospitals in the city, seems like he is really gone far without informing anyone. Deepa asks what they have to do. Soundarya says she is not in a condition to take decision, if he informs me while going, I may reveal truth to him.

Deepa says you can’t reveal the truth or you don’t let others to reveal the truth. Sourya comes to them and asks what they talking and regarding whom. Deepa and Soundarya sats different answer. Sourya sats isn’t it about Doctor babu left from home. Deepa gets shocked and asks how she knows. Sourya sats I’m staying at this place only, Doctor babu went to search Hima parents and who is responsible to make him go from house?

 If we told truth he may stay here but he left from here because he didn’t found the truth, you guys won’t reveal anything until we found it but we have to tell who’s Hima parents otherwise they can’t found it but you won’t reveal it. Deepa says it’s elders matter. Sourya says it’s not elders matter, it’s our mistake but why you guys are not accepting it?

 Hima blaming herself and crying for Doctor babu dissaperarance. Soundarya asks how she found it? Sourya says she only revealed it, how many days they are planning to hide from them and Doctor babu said he won’t reach to home until he found Hima parents and where will he get them. Soundarya says she didn’t expected Karthik will leave from home.

 Sourya says Infront of he searched many Orphanages and he felt sad when Hima called him Doctor babu but you didn’t tell anything to him even after seeing his pain. Soundarya and Deepa asks Sourya to stop it, Deepa says they did this mistake because it’s needed.

 Sourya says now Hima is saying she needs Doctor babu not her Parents and when she got to know he is went from home she is crying so bring him back to home and she leaves. Soundarya says we have to search Karthik and bring him back to home otherwise we will become culprits to kids. They goes to search Karthik.


Hima thinks where he might went to? Maybe he told to Mounitha and she calls Mounitha from Sourya number and says to her the Doctor babu is not at home. Mounitha asks where he went. Hima asks didn’t he come to you place. Mounitha says no. Hima asks didn’t he tell you. Mounitha says no but why he went suddenly.

Hima says it’s because of me, he sent Video message to Grandmother that he won’t return to home until he founds my parents and if he calls you please ask him to talk with me. Mounitha thinks it’s all happened because of that Deepa and Soundarya, she takes Gun and goes to their house.


Soundarya and Deepa won’t found Karthik anywhere and they thinks Mounitha might knows it and goes to question her. On the way Mounitha sees their car and shots their tier with her gun. Deepa and Soundarya comes out to see it than Mounitha aims gun at them and than places it in car saying she don’t want become murderer Infront of Karthik eyes and questions them where Karthik went.

Deepa says you might know and maybe you called to reveal the truth. Mounitha says I don’t have plans to reveal the truth otherwise I may reveal to him long back, I thought you guys will reveal it seeing Hima and Karthik condition but you’re stones. Soundarya asks which right she is questioning them.

Mounitha says her love on Karthik is giving her right and dont says your hims mom because you always behaves like best Mother in law and forgot to understand your Son feelings. Soundarya says don’t talk. Mounitha says stop it because you don’t have right, what’s your son mistake? He just didn’t want to accept his wife who did Mistake.


Precap – Mounitha blames Deepa for Making Hima orphan and blames them for they are reason that Karthik went from home. Deepa about to counter attack but Mounitha stops her and asks her to answer her questions first.