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Episode starts with Karthik thinks about recent happenings than he thinks to believe his character over Mounitha’s story and plans to find the truth behind Mounitha’s pregnancy and thinks to live happily with his kids and wife and decides to take care of his every responsibility. Mounitha gets ready and praises her beauty seeing in mirror and thinks to educate Karthik with her words. Priyamani asks if she going to that place. Mounitha agrees. Priyamani says you’re pregnant so you can’t bear their slaps like before. Mounitha says Deepa and Soundarya, Karthik are believing my pregnancy and their is secret is in my hand.

Priyamani says Karthik is living at Deepa’s place and his Mom is feeling bad for Karthik only and their is noone who shows pity at your condition plus they are treating you like Corona. Mounitha asks what she wanted her to do? Priyamani says leave your overconfidence because Karthik is like other males who can change his version if his family reputation get involved and he may lie that he didn’t know anything than you have to roam around courts for justice so think how to get justice. Mounitha looks on and that time she gets Karthik’s call.

Deepa sees the 10days count down on wall angrily and thinks about Mounitha’s words and about to punch the wall but she stops herself in the middle and thinks she fought for her husband in these 10 years but Mounitha changed my life in a moment and I came to the starting point itself and thinks what she have to do? Kids asks who striked these lines? Dad told us these line will decide his future, will these lines decides your future along with Dad? And they questions what’s happening between her and Karthik. Deepa leaves without answering their questions.

Bhagyalakshmi sits in Mounitha’s hospital. Nurse tells her bp is high. Bhagyalakshmi informs to her staff that Mounitha is pregnant without marriage. Staff says Karthik is reason for Mounitha’s pregnancy. Bhagyalakshmi tells them Karthik is innocent and Mounitha is blaming Karthik for her mistake. Nurse asks if it’s true. Bhagyalakshmi says it’s true and Mounitha wants to create problems in my daughter marrital life that’s why I’m getting this high BP and Karthik already had family planning operation once he had 2 kids so your Mounitha mam is lying and if she asks who told this matter than tell her that Bhagyalakshmi came to hospital.

Mounitha meets Karthik and tells him that it’s not good to hurt me because I’m your best friend who don’t know any kind of cheating and you’re planning to run from mistake and otherside I’m thinking to correct this mistake with our marriage before our baby came to this world and it won’t good if I go to court for justice and I won’t cancel this marriage because my baby needs father, previously I agreed with your wish but this time you have to think who’s correct. Karthik stays silent. Mounitha says she will question his Mom who’s correct. Karthik tells her his Mom went to America. Mounitha questions why she went. Karthik says she went to meet his sister Swapna. Mounitha asks If Soundarya went away to get escaped from witness sign. Karthik says in that case Deepa might went with my Mom. Mounitha says your Mom and Deepa planning to ruin my life and I won’t be careless from nowonwards and will solve my problem changing the situations and she asks Karthik to leave. Karthik stops her by holding her hand. Mounitha tells him his life is in his hand like her hand. Karthik leaves her hand.

Episode ends.

Precap – Karthik happily takes his family selfie. Deepa thinks about his change. Karthik assures to Deepa that he will find the solution before 25th and tells her that he is belongs to her.