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Episode starts with Murali Krishna asks Deepa to come with him and tells her that they can repay the hospital bills to Karthik, he holds Deepa hand and request her. Deepa sees Karthik and Soundarya than she takes back her hand and signs her Dad to leave from that place folding her hands. Murali Krishna leaves in tears.

Karthik meets Mounitha and tells her that you did wrong and make me do wrong, why didn’t you slap me when I’m doing mistake in drunken state and why you make me stand culprit Infront of my family without my mistake. Mounitha asks how to slap person I love? And why are you blaming me? It’s you who saw me different that day, I tried to stop you but you promised to marry me that’s why I allowed you otherwise I don’t have any other intentions and that day makes me pregnant and you forgot your promise. Karthik asks why she waited these many days. Mounitha says you’re busy with Deepa problem that’s why stayed silent.

Mounitha says you promised to marry me if Hima returns but you didn’t and it’s mistake of ours so don’t leave me and my kid like you left Deepa and she holds his feet with her fake tears. Karthik moves back and leaves from that place without answering her. Mounitha smiles.

Bhagyalakshmi massages her sprain in ankle than she notices Murali Krishna and asks how Pooja happened. Murali Krishna angrily throws Deepa and Karthik’s photo. Bhagyalakshmi gets shocked and asks him what happened. Murali Krishna tells her how Karthik cheated Deepa with Mounitha band asks if he did anything wrong. Bhagyalakshmi says you did correct, sea like Doctor babu acted good to bring that Mounitha. Murali Krishna says I’m feeling bad for Deepa and we have to get her here doing something otherwise she can’t bear this pain.

Deepa thinks about recent happenings. Soundarya cries seeing Deepa. Deepa asks her to come near her. Soundarya breaksdown in Deepa shoulder.

Soundarya asks why you’re ill fated? You waited for 10 years bearing this suspicion and tried hard to prove your innocence and finally it’s proved that you’re innocent and it’s happy time to celebrate but what’s the use when it’s proved because of that Mounitha, it’s shameful act and I never thought Karthik will change in this way, don’t know how you’re feeling but I’m not able to bear this pain, you faced many problems because of his doubt and you lived to prove Karthik doubts are wrong and never lost your self respect in any moment.

Episode ends.

Precap – Deepa tells to Soundarya that she don’t need pitiful life. Karthik about to tell Something. Soundarya says no girl can lie in this matter so you have to answer Deepa and Mounitha.