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Episode starts with Roshini questions Ratna why Friday Cctv footage is missing. Ratna says cameras are removed on that day for servicing. Roshini says someone might help Mounitha if Karthik and Deepa versions are correct. Ratna gets tensed. Roshini asks Ratna to leave than she thinks if Mounitha’s really alive.

Karthik closes his ears to stop Mounitha words resound. Deepa comes to hospital and asks him what happened. Karthik asks her to stay with him so he won’t have any tension. Deepa says innocents won’t get any punishment so don’t worry. Karthik says I know and he insists her to take care of herself and family. Deepa says if you believe Mounitha is alive than I will search for her in the whole world until I find her. Karthik says it’s just my doubt so don’t risk your life for me and I don’t want anyone to face problems because of me. Deepa asks why he is telling so many precautions. Karthik tells her Nothing.

Ratna meets Mounitha and asks her to stop her plans saying Roshini started to doubt that you’re alive. Mounitha smiles and says I will surrender myself after marrying Karthik. Ratna insists her than Mounitha asks her to divorce her husband. Ratna gets shocked thsn Mounitha says she won’t stop her plans until she get her Karthik. Ratna says you’re taking risk. Mounitha says she knows what she is doing and shr asks Ratna to not contact her as Roshini might tapping everyone’s phone in the station. Ratna agrees thsn Mounitha asks her wish her. Ratna wishes her happy married life. Mounitha feels happy.

Anandrao wants to accompany Soundarya to Court but Soundarya asks him to stay at home saying he can’t bear if Karthik gets punishment. Anandrao insists her to take him than she agrees and tells him Karthik will get released if they find Mounitha. Sourya asks what’s the link between Mounitha and Dad’s release?

Deepa asks Karthik to have food but he denies tgsn Deepa asks if he is getting scared thinking he will get punishment. Karthik says he don’t think about yourself and I just want my family to be safe. Deepa asks him if Mounitha’s is threatening him? She won’t kill you for sure than why you look scared. Karthik manages her telling he is thinking how his life changed with Mounitha entry. Deepa asks him to stay strong and tells him thst she will get him released from jail proving Mounitha’s alive. Karthik says Mounitha is animal kind of lady so don’t risk your life and I just want everyone safety. Deepa thinks she have to find the matter what’s Karthik hiding from her.

Roshini asks conestsble to prepare file to take Karthik to court and she asks them to be careful at station. On the way Anandrao and Soundarya feels worried fkr Karthik. Deepa feeds food to Karthik and he thinks to arrange police protection to his family members to save them from Mounitha. Deepa cries and tells him dont know why you got this position to get punishment without any mistake. Karthik says it’s because if Mounitha. Mounitha reaches to hospital.

Episode ends.

Precap – Deepa comes out with plate and notices Doctor than she thinks why she is calling Karthik when she is at hospital and that time she notices Mounitha face in mirror and realises she is threatening Karthik. Mounitha will asks Karthik to send Deepa from hospital to marry her. Deepa will throw plate behind Mounitha and Mounitha gets shocked seeing Deepa.