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Episode begins with Soundarya telling Deepa that she got to know that she had twins after eight years and she had to wait to tell the world about it. Now when Karthik finally came back to her, such thing happened. Deepa makes her lie on her shoulder and consoles her. She tells her that some are born to do good, some are born to do bad, some are born to struggle, some are born to be happy and some are born to be sad and she is one of such. She says that happiness comes into her life once in a decade and this time when Karthik came to her, she thought he loved her and she didn’t even live it for a few days and now she got to know that he helped her because of the sympathy. Soundarya asks her to stop talking like that as it is hurting her insides.

Deepa tells her that she wants to leave. Soundarya tries to stop her but Deepa says that she don’t want to live a life of sympathy and asks her not to stop her. Deepa frees her hand from Soundarya’s hand and leaves from there leaving her heartbroken with tears flowing from her eyes non stop.

In the hall Soundarya, Shravya and Aditya are standing thinking about the issue deeply. Shravya gets agitated and says that before when Karthik thought Deepa is cheating on him, she left the house and now when Karthik cheated on her it’s her again who left the house. Karthik comes there and looks everywhere in the hall as if searching for someone. Aditya tells him that Deepa left the house.

Karthik asks Soundarya as to why did she let her go even after knowing her health is unwell and she got discharged from the hospital just few days back. Soundarya tells him that even after her being healthy, she is not about to take his betrayal and Deepa is already weak and she will break more if she stays there anymore. Karthik tells her that he is already broken and asks her not to kill him more. Aditya tells him even they are feeling the same and they also don’t want to live anymore but living for the sake. Soundarya asks him not to talk like that. Karthik is broken with his words.

Aditya tells him that when he accused Deepa strongly, they never doubted Deepa but now when monitha told them that she is pregnant with his baby they don’t trust him and that is the difference between him and Deepa. Soundarya tells him that he is soo unfortunate that through his illegitimate child with monitha, he got to know that his wife’s children are his. Karthik feels ashamed and thinks that he wanted to beg for deepa’s forgiveness but everything changed. He is about to say something to Soundarya but she stops him and asks him to answer monitha and Deepa. All of them leave from there leaving him alone.

Deepa is standing in her old house and Varanasi is cleaning the house. Varanasi asks her the reason for her comeback but she didn’t reply. Karthik comes there and Varanasi tells her that. Deepa keeps staring at Karthik with expressionless face shocking him.

Precap:Karthik tells Varanasi to stop cleaning as Deepa will come with him. Karthik is about to tell her something but she stops him and asks him whether he had lunch. Karthik tells her that he understood.