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Episode starts with Deepa in tears says don’t know why you got this position to bear the punishment without your mistake. Karthik says he is in this situation because of his friendship with Mounitha and he consoles her telling Nothing will happen to him and he makes her eat food. Deepa asks don’t they have any other way to save him. Mounitha reaches to hospital. Karthik says I can escape from the punishment if we prove Mounitha is alive. Deepa says true.

 Mounitha overhears their Convo and tensely thinks if he reveals to Deepa that I’m coming to meet his Reena. Deepa asks what’s the purpose of her roaming around you and what she needs from you. Karthik about to tell her but SI stops him Nd asks Karthik to talk with Doctor Reena. Karthik sends Deepa to clean the plates.

Mounitha warns Karthik to marry her in half an hour. Karthik angrily tells her he can never accept her in his life.  Deepa cleans the plate. Mounitha says I love you more than my life so don’t get angry because I won’t leave you even though you don’t like me. Deepa notices Doctor than she thinks why she is calling Karthik when she is at hospital and that time she notices Mounitha face in mirror and realises she is threatening Karthik. Mounitha says you know about me so send Deepa from hospital and marry me otherwise I will kill your Deepa and your family.

Deepa throws plate behind Mounitha and Mounitha gets shocked seeing Deepa. Karthik thinks why call is disconnected suddenly. Deepa says god showed you to me in time to save Doctor babu and she tries to catch her but Mounitha escapes in cab throwing Deepa. Deepa follows Mounitha’s cab with help of Varanasi car.

Karthik thinks where Deepa went. Varanasi asks who’s in that car. Deepa tells him Mounitha is in that cab so don’t miss it. Varanasi agrees. Anandrao and Soundarya reaches to court. Anandrao feels depressed saying what might happen in court. Soundarya consoles him telling they will get justice. Aditya too reaches court. Anandrao tells him im feeling scared, I just wish Karthik gets the justice. Aditya and Soundarya consoles him. 

Mounitha tells fake story to Cab driver and asks him to drive fastly. Deepa prays god to make her get Mounitha to save her husband. Karthik thinks if Deepa spots Mounitha at hospital than he goes out and enquire about his wife and Doctor Reena and thry says they didn’t saw them than Karthik realises Deepa may went to catch Mounitha and he wants to go to search Deepa but Si stops him.


Episode ends.