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The episode starts with Aditya asks Shravya about Karthik. Shravya says he didn’t return. Aditya says seems like he is hurt. Shravya says my sister is the one who got hurt at the party, isn’t she have a heart. Aditya says it’s happened because of Hima who called Deepa on stage. Soundarya says stop it, you’re talking wrongly Hima did it to unite her parents and we don’t have courage like Hima. Karthik says it’s enough to stop it, now I got to know Hima is doing it according to your suggestions, Deepa attended a party with kids and insulted me Infront of doctors. Shravya asks if he didn’t say anything to Deepa. Aditya stops her. Soundarya asks why are you stopping Shravya? Your brother insulted Deepa in Infront of the Media. Karthik tries to give an explanation but Soundarya scolds him for insulting Deepa. Karthik leaves saying he never saw mother like her. Soundarya warns Aditya to never raise their voice on Shravya.

Mounitha thinks I never saw this kind of courageous Deepa and she is ready to do anything, did she got any info against me? Priyamani gives her water and asks if she really did something to get Karthik. Mounitha says you don’t need that info. Priyamani leaves saying she doesn’t know what to name her love.

Sourya waits for her Mom’s arrival. Hima wears a Karthik sweater and thinks Dad won’t come here but he loves me, why Dad Don’t like Mom when everyone likes her, why can’t we live with our parents like other kids.

Karthik notices Hima photo and wall posts are missing in his room and did Mounitha removed these posters? He calls Mounitha number. Deepa shows a call to Contestable and she assures her that she will look into Mounitha matter. Karthik thinks why Mounitha ignored his call then he calls everyone and asks his Mom who removed Hima pic and posters from his room. Soundarya says Deepa took them with her. Karthik asks who’s she to remove my daughter things. Deepa enters and asks whose daughter? Agree that she is your daughter, you need position as father but you won’t accept her Infront of the world. Karthik says he did her bought up.

Deepa says she is my daughter and that’s why I get Hima things because you’re questioning her birth and agree that you’re her biological father than I will return both daughters to you and if you feel she is your daughter than why didn’t you stop me when I’m taking Hima from here. Soundarya says you mean he don’t love her. Deepa says love is not enough, he needs trust and courage to accept the truth but if he have courage than ask to say that I didn’t do any mistake. Deepa says he can’t say because you’re husband who doubts his Wife. Karthik looks on.

Precap- Deepa says wait for sometime very soon I will return your daughter along with the Truth and I’m going to bring proofs Infront of your eyes and gonna break your suspicion