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Episode begins with Varanasi gesturing towards Karthik. Deepa keeps staring at him sternly. Karthik comes and asks Varanasi to stop cleaning as Deepa will come with him. Deepa asks him to let it be as God is the one who decides where people has to live. Karthik agrees. Karthik tries to explain himself to her but everytime he does so, she tells him one or another thing. He tells her that he doesn’t know how such thing happened with him to which Deepa says that the windows were open hence sparrows make it dirty and that’s why Varanasi is cleaning the house. Karthik looks at her with pain. He again tries to explain himself but everytime he does so, she tries to change the topic and asks him whether he wants to have lunch and keeps talking about it everytime he attempts. Karthika finally understanding says that he understood that she will never forgive him and doesn’t want to hear him. He is about to leave but Deepa stops him and asks him whether he don’t want to have food and asks him not to skip his meal anywhere. He keeps staring at her hearing his words.

Murali Krishna is sitting on the sofa thinking about the happenings when Baghyam comes there and suggests him to ask Deepa to come back to Karthik and not ruin her life because of that. She tells him that even after he had a daughter she married him and now Karthik made monitha pregnant being married with Deepa. She asks him to let Deepa understand the situation and go back to Karthik instead of being alone forever. Murali thinks about it.

Karthik is sitting on the bed and remembering monitha’s words and their confrontation. He stands up and looks at himself in the mirror and scolds himself. Just then he gets a video message from monitha who tells him how happy she is and asks him whether he wants a daughter or son. She tells hin that she wants a daughter as they already have two daughters. Karthik is feeling suffocated with each passing second. He doesn’t reply to her. Monitha is disappointed with his behaviour and thinks whether he is like other men bht consoles herself.

Deepa is cooking lost in her thoughts and wondering about Karthik and his behaviour. Just then Murali Krishna comes there with tiffin box. She serves him the food. Murali Krishna thinks that he came to ask her to leave Karthik but now after seeing how alone she is, he wants to ask her to do what bhagyam said and about to say something but Deepa asks him not to advice her anything.

Soundarya is standing on terrace lost in her thoughts when Karthik comes there. He is about to leave but she stops him and tells him that now he is standing infront of her with his head bent. The Screen Freezes On Soundarya and Karthik.

Precap: Everyone is on the dining having dinner when Shaurya and Hima comes there to surprise them. They ask for their Mother.