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Episode starts with Karthik wants to go out to search Deepa but Inspector stops him and reminds he came as prisoner not Doctor. Ratna thinks if Deela caught Mounitha. That time Ratna receives call from Mounitha and she asks whats her Karthik doing. Ratna says he is worried about Deepa. Mounitha sats she will die in my hands. Deepa asks Varanasi to not to miss Mounitha cab. Varanasi tells her their fuel is low. Karthik request Inspector to allow him to search Deepa but he denies than Roshini Comes to hospital and asks them to start. Karthik informs to Roshini that Deepa is missing. Roshini says Deepa is not kid. Karthik says Mounitha might did something to her. Roshini says don’t change to new story and you killed Mounitha. Karthik asks Roshini to take one day time to search Mounitha but Roshini denies.

Karthik tells to Roshini that he is the proof that Mounitha’s is alive. Roshini says i suspected my staff hearing your and Deepa stories but I found those are lies after inquiring at tea stall. Karthik says she came as tea seller and she is the reason that I got pain and once I admitted in hospital she came as Doctor Reena and blackmailed me to marry her to save my family members from her. Roshini asks him to stop his fake stories and questions if he have any proof to prove Mounitha is alive. Karthik says Deepa is proof. Roshini asks why didn’t he complain them if Mounitha came to hospital as Doctor Reena. Karthik says she threatened to kill my family plus she harmed my brother too. Roshini says she is not don, if you inform us previously than we may get her arrested. Karthik request her to search Deepa. Roshini says i respect Deepa but currently my duty is my priority so I will send my team’s to search Deepa once your hearing gets over at court. Karthik asks what if something happened to Deepa in this time. Roshini asks him to stop his stories and asks Naidu to bring the Karthik to court forcefully.

Mounitha leaves from cab after noticing Deepa car is not following them. Deepa waits for Varanasi who went to bring petrol than she notices Police’s are taking Karthik to car. Mounitha thinks I may killed Deepa if she follows me and she failed my plan to marry Karthik plus she may inform to Roshini that I’m alive and now my journey becomes endless than she hears police siren and hides her face with chunri and notices Police are taking him to station. Mounitha notices Deepa is near to her than she takes out her revolver to killl her.

Roshini brings Karthik to court. Anandrao tells to Karthik that he is feeling heavy in his heart. Roshini asks him to check. Soundarya and Aditya tells him they are worried for Anandrao. Roshini asks why they bring heart patient to court. Soundarya says he didn’t listen. Anandrao tells to Karthik he is worrried for him. Karthik assures him saying innocent won’t get punished and he messages to pharmacist of their hospital to bring the medicines than he informs to Soundarya that he is worried for Deepa as she went to catch Mounitha. Roshini takes him inside the court saying she will let her team search Deepa after court hearing.

Episode ends.


Precap – Karthik tells to judge that he didn’t do any crime. Mounitha kidnaps Deepa by pointing gun at her.