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Maa TV popular show Karthika Deepam serial is witnessing some major turning points these days in their story.

As reported earlier Deepa asks Karthik to reveal truth to kids. Karthik says we have to tell them from the starting and we don’t know how they may receive this truth and I’m not at mistake and I can’t hurt kids heart by telling the truth so don’t raise this topic again. Soundarya brings kids to Karthik’s room and she questions why they are not talking with their Dad and she asks them to get answers from their dad to stay normally as it’s painful for Karthik if you don’t talk with him. Karthik asks if someone said anything to her. Hima says everyone are talking bad about Dad Nd Mounitha aunty and they are saying you had affair with Mounitha and cheated her. Sourya says how to bear it if they are taking about you in this way, that’s why Hima is feeling bad. Soundarya asks them to not trust outsiders words. Sourya says don’t know who’s lying. Deepa manages kids by telling them another fake story.

In the upcoming episode viewers goimg to witness that Deepa and Karthik will gets shocked seeing Mounitha’s article in paper that Karthik is father of her kid. Sourya will notice the article and confrontsĀ  Karthik by questioning if its true? Karthik will stands like an idol infront of his daughter.

Can Kids understand Karthik’s situation? Can Karthik clears Kids doubts by revealing the truth?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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