Yes, we mean every word in the title. The characters Kartik and Naira have already married thrice in the show and they are going to do it AGAIN. Seriously?

Firstly, according to the new scenario, they are not divorced. So, technically as per Indian Constitution, Kartik’s marriage with Vedika stand null and void. Meaning their marriage becomes illegal when first undivorced wife returns. As a result there is no need of remarriage because it’s Vedika who is between their marriage (no pun intended).

Secondly, is there no other way to gather more TRP’s and attention other than marriages? How many times the lead will remarry? Is there no law in the country? Or are they defying all laws? Evidently, they defy all in their shows. We agree that their love is inseparable as general guidelines of story suggest and the actors Mohsin Khan and Shivangi Joshi are commendable in doing their job. However, there has to be some logic and boundations with the creative team too. What message they are conveying amongst youth of this country? It’s like when they stuck with story flow, they throw a marriage at viewers as a symbol of their reunion. A reunion which in next few days will again be separated by some reason. Marriage – Separation goes in loop.

Thirdly, if Vedika was always to leave, why introduce her in the first place? The popularity of show is immense because of the chemistry of leads. They have millions of fans across globe. Therefore, it was quite evident that they will never accept a third character between leads. Wouldn’t it be a better idea that instead of introducing a third character between leads, the story might have taken another twist with some progression in story line?
We somehow know that whatever happens in the show, the show will go on. But we also feel that there is moral obligation of everyone, especially those who are on pedestal to show right path to follow. When they have such huge following wouldn’t it be great that they unite their leads once and for all. Life doesn’t end at marriage, rather it starts. And when the kid is between couple, it goes tough. We would love to see Kaira to deal with their problems raising their kids TOGETHER, other problems which life throws but in unison, not being in eternal love separately with a hint of remarriage.

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