Recently there was a press conference held for the very known IFFA award function 2020 that is to be held in Indore. Our bollywood actors are waiting to recieve the fruit for all the hardwork they have done tha past year. Every fan is wishing for their favourites to win. IFFA is like a PTM for students(actors) of the bollywood school. With so many successful and breathtaking performance it’s seems almost impossible to pick the best.

Amidst all this suspense, recently we had this lovely and amazing press conference in Mumbai, where we had Kartik Aryan and Katrina Kaif as our host. Though Kartik has just gone through a surgery and is still in the recovery phase but even with that, he managed to entertain everyone and was very joyful. This shows his dedication towards his career and bollywood. Katrina Kaif who is craved in movies was seen and she took our hearts away yet again with her beauty and grace. These two charming and jolly people made the press conference a sucess. As media, we were fortunate to get a chance to attend this conference.

We are eagerly waiting for the award functions and to finally know behind who gets the award. Well, no matter who wins the award for us all our dear actors are winner as they really work hard and put everything on line to entertain us in the best way possible. Being a bollywood lover, was , am and will always be thankful to bollywood for filling the lives of many people with memories and happiness. Do check out the amazing pics of the conference where Kartik and Katrina both flaunt their hot looks and giving a style statement for viewers and fans.


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