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 Rajan Shahi’s ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’ always bring twisted twist to engage show fans. Drama in the show is high with Narendra’s ploy against Sirat. He hires Aradhana to defame Sirat to the best. Goenka’s stand shocked learning, Narendra has filed the complaint against Sirat in Ranveer’s murder charges. He gave fake reports to the media that reads, Sirat was giving poison to Ranveer to start a fresh life with Kartik. Kartik claims Narendra is a fraud man. Police asks Kartik not to interrupt else she will put him behind the bars too. Kartik asks Police to take him too. Mainsh and Akhilesh side Kartik. Police take Sirat. Kartik urges Police to let him talk with Sirat once.

Kartik asks Sirat not to worry as he will not let anything happen to her. Sirat asks Kartik to distance himself from her and just take care of Mauri. She adds, she is enough to fight alone. Police arrest Sirat. Media surround Sirat and question about her relationship with Kartik. Sirat faces accusation. Kartik tries to help Sirat but Manish and Akhilesh don’t let Kartik go to Sirat. Police take away Sirat. Kartik feels sorry for not able to help Sirat. Narendra see Sirat’s news on TV and think only media has believed him. He adds he wants everyone to accuse Sirat in Ranveer’s murder charges.

Afterwards, Suhasini will suggest Kartik to take a step back for time being. She gives an idea to Kartik. In the upcoming episode, viewers will see Kartik will face media. Aradhana will cross-question Kartik about his relationship with Sirat. Kartik will explain Sirat is Naira’s face alike thus, he bring her home for Kairav’s sake. Aradhana will ask Kartik, if he fallen for Sirat because of her face. Kartik will stay mum.

How Kartik and Sirat will handle the situation will be interesting to watch. What is Kartik’s motive behind answering media, well time will only tell. Keep watching the show and keep visiting us for more spoilers and news!