Kartik Purnima is a Cinderella story of a dusky girl- Purnima, revolving around Kartik -Purnima’s love story and the biggest conflict – Kartik’s mother & if she will be able to win her mother in law, fight societal & family pressures.

The current track focuses on the Grand Holi party which is thrown at Soni Mehra’s place and on other hand Kartik has reached Aarti’s village to treat her, leaving Soni’s grand celebration. At the village he is following all Holi traditions with Purnima who has accompanied him to treat Aarti. Both are trying to bring the village people out of the believed superstitions for which they are not letting Aarti get treated in the hospital.

Meanwhile, while Kartik and Purnima were on their way back home after treating Aarti. Soni calls Kartik to ask about his whereabouts and she gets to hear Purnima’s voice when she was about to get hit by a bike. The thought that Kartik and Purnima are together itself make her blood boil. 

The upcoming track will show that Kartik will come home and tell Soni the truth about Aarti’s illness and how Purnima helped him on his mission to treat Aarti and that they celebrated Holi together in the village. The High Point is where the show focuses on how Soni is happy about the fact that her son didn’t lie to her but at the same time it makes her angry and upset to see that the girl she hates the most is always lingering near her son. 

It will be interesting to watch now what evil plans are cooking up in Soni’s mind to separate Kartik and Purnima.

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