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Rajan Shahi’s Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is high on drama post Ranveer’s demise in the show. Narendra frame Sirat and send her jail. Kartik tries to help Sirat but Manish stops him for Goenka’s reputation. In the meantime, Narednra gives Ranveer’s mobile to Aradhana. He inform her that mobile hold Sirat’s confession in her voice and she can use it to defame her. Narendra asks to involve Sirat and Kartik both. Ardhana asks Narendra, if they have to involve Kartik too? Narendra nods yes. Kartik calls Aradhna and accepts her offer to give an exclusive interview. Aradhna gets happy getting Sirat’s confession and think she will frame Kartik too.

He further informs Goenka’s about his interview. Manish asks Kartik what he thought to speak to media. Aradhana enters the house and says to Manish that now Kartik will only speak in front of camera. Manish gets furious seeing press and asks Kartik why he didn’t informed him earlier. Here, Sirat catches fever. Ahead, Kartik asks Aradhana to love telecast his interview so that she can’t alter his words. Aradhana gets agree to go live. She sets her camera. Kartik see Ranveer’s mobile with Aradhana and recalls about Sirat’s confession. He pours water on the mobile and later apologize to Aradhana. Aradhana worry now how she will play Sirat’s confession as mobile is wet. Kartik think it is good he destroyed the evidence against Sirat.

Now in the upcoming episode, Kartik will manage to come clean in his live interview. Meanwhile, Mauri’s health will worsen. She will take promise from Kartik to always support Sirat and will breathe her last. Kartik and Sirat will get shattered post Mauri’s demise. How Kartik will handle the situation will be interesting to watch.

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