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Today’s episode starts with Anurag sharing his feeling with his friend and says he is not sad because he lost but happy because Prerna is happy seeing him losing to her. There, Shivani says to Prerna that she is pretending to be happy but she is not happy giving pain to Anurag. Prerna denies and says she is happy.

Here, Sneha talks with God and says she is not understanding she met two people today and the duos were very strange. One was happy because he lost and the other who won was still sad. There, Mr. Bajaj goes to Komolika and asks her to keep her insecurities with her. He asks her not to point any finger on Prerna. Bajaj discloses about Prerna’s success party. Komolika thinks what Prerna did now.

Other side, Anurag recalls his moments with Prerna. He self-talks and says Prerna too might be seeing the rain and recalling their moments. Here, Prerna enjoys the rain too. Mr. Bajaj comes and stands by Prerna’s side. Prerna asks Bajaj why he is here. Bajaj says he can’t stay away from her.

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At Basu house, Komolika thanks Sid for bringing Anurag back home. Komolika asks Anurag about the deal and he avoids the talk. Anurag goes to the room and says today he wants to spend night with his and Prerna’s memories. He recalls his moments with her.

Ahead, Bajaj while talking with Prerna confesses that he loves her so much and he can’t stay away from her. Prerna asks Bajaj he knows her answer and leaves. Bajaj thinks he love Prerna a lot and now he will not allow Anurag to enter her life again.

In the morning, Komolika comes to Anurag and asks him what Sudeep told him. Anurag excuses himself from the room. He asks Kaushik to accompany him.

Other side, Kuki gets excited seeing Bajaj and says she missed him. Bajaj gives a calm reply to Kuki. Later, Komolika reads a newspaper about Prerna’s success and gets angry. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Komolika goes mad at Basu’s reading about the deal. Prerna calls Komolika and invites her to the party. Komolika asks Anurag to accompany her to the party too. She further thinks this will be Prerna’s last party in the town.