In the latest episode of ‘Kasauti Zindagi Kay 2’ Maasi is frightened with the fact that Mohini could expose her but also knows that she wouldn’t due to some hidden motive.
Prerna is guilt ridden due to misunderstanding Bajaj’s intention all this while. She realizes she can’t hate him anymore. Tanvi catches Prerna caressing Bajaj’s hand as is shocked. Anurag tells Anupam that he is needed in India for Prerna and to help Veena be free.
Masi contemplates about taking the complaint back. Mohini dodges the question when Nivedita aska about why she was talking sweetly with Masi and avoids to share the truth. Prerna confronts Masi about the complaint but Maasi instead says that Bajaj would be the first person to lodge the complaint once he is conscious.
Masi further reveals that she has even hired lawyer to prove that Veena did this to spoil the party. Tanvi meets Bajaj in the hospital and tries to clean his hand where Prerna had touched her. Tanvi asks Bajaj to not die since she loves a luxurious life.

Maasi continues to manipulate her actions. She offered her help by recommending her lawyers.
In the upcoming episode, Anurag assures Veena that he will resolve everything while Nivedita overhears a shocking truth. Later, Anurag asks Prerna to help him save Prerna.
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