In the latest episode of “Kasauti Zindagi Kay 2” we see another dose of drama.

Mohini convinced Anurag to not leave the Basu Mansion. Bajaj tells Nivedita that he would move in with his family in the Mansion. Nivedita offers a proposal that Basu family can live downstairs while Bajaj’s family could take the upper floor.

Bajaj introduces his family to Basus. Anurag upon seeing Cookie recognizes her. Anurag is shocked to learn that Cookie is Bajaj’s daughter. Cookie comes and immediately hugs Prerna. He is stumped to see the strong bond both of them share.

While playing hide and seek with Cookie, Prerna bumps into Anurag. He asks her about the last night spent with Bajaj in his room.

Prerna warned Anurag to not bring Cookie in their fights and games.

Tanvi had a stomach ache but Masi thought it was one of Mohini’s plan. Prerna got a call from Shivani telling her that Veena got a job to support her family.

Here, Anupam insisted Anurag to accept that Prerna cheated on him and married Anurag for more money and so he must work hard to beat Bajaj.

Now, in the upcoming episode we will see that Cookie goes missing. Mr. Bajaj berates Prerna whille Tanvi and Masi rejoice at their successful plan. Later, Mr.Bajaj finds an unconcious Cookie in the storeroom.

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