Kasauti Zindagi Kay 2 is developing Prerna and Bajaj’s relations in midst of lot of hatred, jealousy and plotting. The latest episode started with Mr. Bajaj gifting Cookie a big teddy bear which leaves her elated. As Veena watches Prerna and Cookie talking in sign language, she suspects that Cookie is mute. Veena is angry at Prerna for marrying Bajaj and thus asks Prerna what else has she hidden. Prerna had said she married Mr.Bajaj because he was better than Anurag. Veena asks how is that and if Prerna will do anything for money. Mr.Bajaj has made her a caretaker of his mute daughter too. Prerna reacts saying the doctors said she is getting better. Veena tries to make her understand that managing a kid isn’t easy but Prerna says she is good with kids and Veena says she is talking as if she is a mother.

Tanvi sends kids to the backside of the house for games and says everyone else can wait if they want to see Mr.Bajaj dance. Mr.Bajaj refutes the idea but Masi insists and Tanvi without missing an opportunity starts dancing with Mr.Bajaj.

Kuki comes in the middle and cast Tanvi aside. She takes Prerna’s hand and intertwines it with Mr.Bajaj’s and they dance. Masi sees the opportunity and decides to go to Veena to start an argument. She thinks Bajaj will take take her side as she is his Maasi, sparking a fresh round of argument between Bajaj and Prerna. Mohini watches Bajaj and Prerna dancing remembers Prerna’s And Anurag’s time. She leaves. Maasi start an argument with Veena.

Veena says she is the in charge while Maasi reminds her of her status in Bajaj household. Veena says fine. Masi tries to instigate her and says you might be Prerna’s mother but here you are only a servant. Veena answers that she will be paid by Mr.Vyas. She anyways doesn’t like Rishabh. Mohini hears this and thinks she might have understood Veena. Masi decides to use Veena as the tool to break Prerna and Bajaj’s relationship.

Prerna asks why her mother was here. Bajaj replies that she accused him and thus won’t explain. She has to learn how to communicate to which Prerna repliess that he has to learn to be welcoming. Tanvi thinks they are talking and wonders what it is about. Rishabh assures he won’t be insulting her or anyone’s mother. Tanvi isn’t happy with the closeness of the two and complains to Maasi about them dancing together.

Maasi and Veena plan to get the rope to break and hurt Rishabh. The blame would be transferred on Veena as she is the decoration in charge because it will look like she was trying to get her revenge by hurting Bajaj. Rishabh will leave Prerna for the mistake made by her mother or Prerna will leave him. Maasi senses someone hearing her, she goes to see. Tanvi calls her saying no one is there. Prerna and Bajaj are loving Cookie.

Now, in the upcoming episode, we will see Maasi executing her sinister plan and hurting Mr.Bajaj during the celebrations. Later, the Sharmas are startled to see the police at their doorstep.
A lot of drama is going to come up and if you do not want to miss anything, keep an eye on this space. We will be updating you with the latest as usual.
Till then, lets get bizzzzinnnn’!!!!!

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