In the latest epispde, Kuki is happy  and enjoying her birthday party with her parents, Bajaj and Prerna. Veena beings in the cake when Maasi asks her to and Kuki cuts the cake.
Masi and Tanvi get ready to execute their plan of making Veena guilty of hurting Bajaj ensuing fractions between Bajaj and Prerna. Masi goes upstairs and cuts the rope of the chandelier just enough that it stays in place for few more minutes.

Afterwards, she comes down and asks Veena and as an excuse to send her near the rope, says to check the chandelier. Veena agrees and goes to check it. When she touched the rope she found it tampered but before she can take care of it the rope broke and she could only yell his name before it fell on Mr.Bajaj injuring him. Prerna and Tanvi take him to the hospital. Just as they leave, Maasi blame Veena for the whole accident saying she did it because she doesn’t like Bajaj.

Mohini who saw the whole accident asks Nivedita if she thinks Veena can do something like this because she does not. She suspects as to why Maasi was so eager to put the blame on Veena though.

Here, the doctors attend Mr.Bajaj and Tanvi tries to support like a wife which Prerna finds a little odd but doesn’t give much thought. Maasi tries to create a negative image of Prerna in Kuki’s mind.

Later, police come to Veena’s home to arrest her on the charges of attempting to murder Mr.Bajaj and reveal that Bajaj’s maasi has filed the complaint against her.

Maasi calls Tanvi and asks her to come home. Tanvi pretends to wanting to stay but has to go home because Maasi has been crying uncontrollably. Prerna ask her to go and take care of her. The doctors tell that Prerna is out of danger. Prerna goes to meet him.

Now, in the upcoming epsiode, despite the accusations hurled by her family, Prerna vows to get Veena released from jail. Meanwhile, Mohini uses her trump card against Sharda Maasi.

A lot of interesting tracks are going all at once. Which one is your favourite though?
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