In the latest episode of “Kasauti Zindagi Kay 2” we saw Anurag tells Prerna that he has everything she ever wanted. Prerna questions what does she want according to him. Anurag answers that she wanted power and money, he has it and she should leave Mr. Bajaj now. Prerna requsts him to not pay with their lives and that Mr. Bajaj will pay for the house and that she knows he is doing everything to teach her a lesson. Anurag though says that’s not the case and he is doing everything for Prerna and himself. 

Prerna tries to make Anurag unserstand but Anurag instead asks her what did she do right. Mohini and Nivedita yell at Prerna but Anurag sends them away.

Prerna says Bajaj’s masi is of her mother’s age. Tanvi, Kuki  are emotionally attached to the home. She begs Anurag to let them stay there. Anurag agrees but put forth a condition for Prern to stay with him.


Prerna is disgusted and says no and cannot believe how much he has changed. He says it’s you who has changed me. Prerna retorts that she is not a toy. She had sacrificed herself once. She wouldn’t do it twice. She is Mr. Bajaj’s wife now and leaves.

Mohini says she is very happy to watch Prerna get ruined. Anupam and Nivedita try to talk Anurag how his old self was in love but he has changed  to Mr. Bajaj now. Anurag says he doesn’t want love only wants to show his hatred to Prerna. Tapur agress with Anurag.

Late, Masi rebukes Tanvi for misbehaving with Prerna. Tanvi apologizes and goes.

Meanwhile, Mr. Bajaj goes to meet Anurag. Anurag says Prerna rejected his offer and now he will show it to Mr.Bajaj. He will get her back.

Prerna moans about Tamvi being right and how she is the cause of mishap in everyone’s lives. Kuki comes with a T-Shirt that says my dad is the strongest. Prerna agrees and hugs Kuki.

Prerna wonders where Mr.Bajaj might be. After a phone call with Mr.Mehra Prerna gets to know he went to meet Anurag. She relaises she has to stop this meeting.

Meanwhile, Mohini yells at Mr.Bajaj and taunts Prerna as a greedy woman. She says she is happy she is out of their lives. Mr.Bajaj asks her to be careful while talking about his wife. 


Anurag taunts Mr.Bajaj and reminds him of the day when he went to meet him He reminds him of how Mr.Bajaj asked Anurag to take an appointment before coming to meet you. Now he doesn’t have any time. He tells Mr.Bajaj that Prerna has already begged him to let his family stay in his house. Mr.Bajaj is shocked. Prerna calls him. 


Mohini introduces Moloy to Mr.Bajaj and tells him he is the one to snatch their happiness. Moloy is shocked. Mr.Bajaj says eveeyone in this house only talks, does anyone listen. 

Anurag asks him to say if he has anything new to say he can go ahead. Mr.Bajaj says the one who taught him business, his business failed. People only remember successful people. But failure is the greatest teacher. Making assumptions is the sign of foolishness.

Now, in the upcoming episode, Mr.Bajaj decide to shift into the Basu Mansion after gaining its possession. Later, Nivedita desperately tries to stop Anurag from leaving the house.

Drama is on an all time high. We are very excited to watch it though. What about you guys? 

For more such updates watch this space and till then let’s keep buzzzinnn’!!!