In the latest episode of ‘Kasauti Zindagi Kay 2’ Anyrag is willing to wait for Prerna’s decision but wants her to just admit that she needs him and wants him to guard her. If he doesn’t he will a she has no emotions for her family. Prerna berates Anurag saying she knows how much her family matter to her and she doesn’t need to tell him. Also, that she has married Mr. Bajaj by choice.
When Tanvi tells Masi, she asks doctor to not give any special injection that can induce Bajaj’s fast recovery.
Here, Prerna tells Anurag that if life started again she would again choose Mr.Bajaj only leaving him heartbroken.
Nivedita thought Anurag is helping Veena to get close to Prerna. She tries to make Anurag see that Prerna indeed married Mr.Bajaj as per her wish but Anurag made it clear that he was helping Veena because he wanted to.
Prerna reached court to assure her family that Veena would get freed. Shivani scolds her when Prerna took Maasi’s side saying she had a reason to do all this.
The court hearing started and Maasi Ji’s lawyer tried to frame Veena in an attempted murder case. Prerna wondered why is Maasi’s lawyer trying yo play dirty and ploy against Veena.

Mr. Vyas gave a statement saying Veena never knew it was Mr.Bajaj’s party. Next, Maasi was called in the witness box for a statement and Prerna thought her statement would save Veena.
In the upcoming episode, viewers will see that Prerna is dumbstruck when Sharda tries to frame Veena in the courtroom. Later, everyone is baffled by a surprise entry while an outrageous shock awaits everyone.
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