In the latest episode of ‘Kasauti Zindagi Kay 2’ Prerna speculates about what will happen if Bajaj seriously sends her mother to jail in anger and if Maasi’s words are indeed true. Anurag returns and says to Anupam that he has a plan he will hire his own lawyer to set Veena free. Here Veena thinks that her life has become a hell not because Prerna married a wrong person but because she hid the reason of doing that.
Later, Anurag goes to meet Veena and tells her he will do everything to set things right.
Meanwhile, Maasi tried manipulating a sleeping Bajaj that Veena did hurt him intentionally.
Prerna hires a lawyer to get her mother out of jail. Anurag confronts Prerna and ask her to leave Bajaj family since they are the one to get her family to trouble.
Tanvi comes and talk to a sleeping with answers she likes him because he has an x factor. Doctors inform Tanvi that Mr Bajaj will get conscious anytime now. He wanted to talk to Prerna and let her know but Tanvi said she herself will do it.
Meanwhile Prerna reminds Anurag that his mother had sent Veena to jail once. Prerna refuses to take any help from Anurag. Anurag tells that he has left his meeting in London to help Veena get out of jail and can hire the best laywer but Prerna is adamant on not taking his help.
In the upcoming epispde, viewers will see Sharda instructing Tanvi to delay Mr Bajaj’s recovery as desperately wants to prove Veena guilty. Later, Prerna refuses to take Anurag’s help.
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