Kasauti Zindagi Ki airing on Star Plus has never failed to keep the fans on hook showing twists and turns through their gripping storyline. One of the best storytellers Ekta Kapoor being the creative head of this show, Kasauti Zindagi Ki is making history in the TRP charts. With Anurag’s memory loss and Prerna’s pregnancy, everything about the show keeps the fans hooked to the TV screens. In the upcoming episodes of Kasauti Zindagi Ki fans will get to encounter some evil to evilest plans of Komolika against Prerna. Komolika being the vamp of the show never leaves an opportunity to slip her hands in making Prerna’s life hell.

In the upcoming episodes, Prerna will start to doubt Komolika’s real identity. Prerna will decide to take things in her hands and will go her own way to find out who Komolika os. At Vishal’s sangeet venue Prerna will hide from Komolika and will lurk around. But to her disappointment, Anurag will spot Prerna easily.

Later she will make Anurag go in the opposite direction in search of Komolika so that she can encounter her evil plans alone. Anurag who will be searching for Komolika will be misled by Prerna and she will continue her watch on Komolika. Later, Anurag will ask Prerna for a dance that will leave Komolika and Mohini in utter shock. Prerna will agree and will take the dance floor with Anurag. Mohini and Komolika will be fuming with anger seeing Anurag and Prerna owning the dance floor.

Meanwhile, Shivani will watch Mohini and Komolika fuming in anger seeing Anurag and Prerna dance. Later, Shivani will also witness Komolika secretly meeting with Rohit outside the venue. Shivani will learn about the true identity of Komolika. Meanwhile, Rohit and Komolika will go hand in hand planning something evil against Prerna. They will make out a plan to kill Prerna. Keep reading for more updates.