Finally, after going through a sea of obstacles and tragic circumstances, its time for lovers to unite in Star Plus’s popular show Kasauti Zindagi Kay. Anurag and Prerna are now going to be tied in the sacred bond of marriage. Anurag has proposed his love to Prerna in a heartwarmingly romantic way and Prerna too said a charming yes to their relationship. Fans of the scintillating Jodi and the show are in awe post their union. Now the Jodi is going to be engaged amidst a grand party. The party will begin with much celebration, grandeur and extravagant decorations. Everyone will be seen enjoying it thoroughly except one important person form Anurag’s life. Mohini will be upset as she believes Anurag has chosen Prerna over her so she won’t be able to take part in the celebrations wholeheartedly even when all the family members are cheerful about the engagement. Nivedita will be searching for Mohini when she notices her absences in the party and finds her crying secretly. She will then comfort her saying everything is going to be okay. Anurag and Prerna will seek blessing from all the elders for their new journey ahead. They will then dance with each other. This dance sequence in their special events is surely going to burn the screen. Fans will be delighted to witness it as it is something that they have waited for months to see.

In the midst of all the happy celebrations, our exclusive sources confirm to us that there will be a huge twist making its way. The twist will shock everyone and decide the future of the show about where the story will be going from here. It is said that Anurag will learn a shocking truth about Mr. Bajaj. What might be the shocking truth be? what will it bring to the story?

Let’s wait and watch. Keep our space abuzz for more.