Kasautii Zindagii Kay 13th July 2020 Written Update Justshowbiz.net

The episode starts with Prerna driving her car in hurry with a wounded Anurag in it. She admits him in hospital and the doctor checks Anurag’s condition. He informs Prerna that his condition is very critical and they need to do a surgery soon. He asks if she’s his wife as a closed relative must sign in order to proceed with surgery. Prerna looks at Anurag through the glass and says that she’s his wife. She recalls the incident.

Prerna is at lawyer’s office for collecting the legal papers for converting it into a commercial platform. She leaves Sudeep’s office and goes out but finds Anurag hurrying inside. She immediately hides behind a pillar and wonders why Anurag is there. She doubts Anurag for trying to keep an eye on her and starts running away from him towards an under construction part of the building.

The watchman tries stopping her but she doesn’t listen to him. Anurag finds Prerna hurrying there and runs after her for her safety. He calls Prerna and asks her to not go further as its dangerous but Prerna doesn’t listen to him. In order to stop her Anurag provokes Prerna for using the situation. He blames her for still trying to get his attention by voluntarily inviting problems. He mocks her that she still loves him and is trying to woo him by putting herself in danger . He asks her to try in her next birth as he already as a wife. Prerna says that she will hate him forever and calls him the biggest mistake of her life. She asks why’s he following her and why does it matter for him if she gets in a problem. Anurag decides to provoke her more but a furious Prerna starts moving forward. Soon the bricks and other construction items starts falling on her. Both Anurag and Prerna gets shocked.

Anurag immediately drags Prerna under a shelter in order to escape from the falling items. Prerna holds Anurag hand by mistake and Anurag once again provokes Prerna for her to leave the place. Prerna gives it back to him and says that she has only hatred left for him. She recalls him pushing her from bridge. Anurag asks why did she return even after that for which Prerna says that she survived for her child and will ruin him for sure. She starts moving forward but turns to find Anurag wounded with the construction stuffs that fell on him. Prerna furiously tries waking him. She says that nothing should happen to him as he needs to bear her hatred. She says that he needs to die from her hands and not like this.

At present Prerna looks fuming at Anurag who’s getting operated. Nurse gives form for Prerna to sign and she signs it. Komolika is furious as Anurag has not return yet. She calls him but he doesn’t respond. Nurse finds the phone ringing in ot and takes it out. Komolika asks Mohini to call Anurag and Nurse searches for Prerna but she already left. Nurse lifts the phone and says about Anurag in the hospital admitted by his wife Prerna. Komolika fumes even more hearing it and decides to destroy Prerna.

Precap : Prerna challenges Komolika that she’s Anurag’s wife. Komolika calls Mr. Bajaj and provokes him.