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The episode starts with Prerna getting shocked seeing Anurag. She asks if it’s his plan to take revenge from her. She is disgusted that he could fall so low to harm Kukki for her his revenge with her. Anurag is clueless and asks what’s she saying. Howbrr Prerna doesn’t believe him and badmouths him for rusticating Kukki from College under false charges being a trustee of the college. Anurag denies the accusation but Prerna doesn’t believe him. Kukki calls Prerna inside as Principal is calling for her. Anurag recalls sighing the rustication unaware that its Kukki’s. Prerna and Kukki come out of the office while Kukki days that they tried dialling father’s number but he’s not picking up the call. Kukki says that she didn’t do any cheating and cries. Prerna says that she believes her and also know that it’s not her fault. She says a trustee using her for his revenge with her and Anurag hears it.

Shivani is in her room when her Bhanbhi comes there with tea. She gets reminded of Anurag who cheated then cruelly breaking all their trust on him. She says that they misunderstood Ronit but he stood for them. Shivani wishes Ronit doesn’t change like Anurag later. Anurag on the other hand is pleading Principal to cancel Kukki’s rustication. He says that he personally know Kukki and she would never do such mistake. He pleads her and she agrees.

Komolika searches Anurag room and spots a file about the orphanage. She reads it and smirks. She thinks that once Prerna gets to know what’s there in it then her happy bubble will be bursted.

Prerna and Kukki are in car and finds trouble starting it. Kaushik notices Anurag’s car in the parking and spots Prerna trying to start the car. He helps her and introduces himself when Prerna asks about him. He says about Anurag being there and Kukki reveals that he’s there to rusticate her shocking him. He feels guilty for Kukki. Kukki and Prerna leaves.

Komolika plans to show off as a happy married couple in the next day’s sangeet. She thinks that Prerna is putting off a fake drama of a happy couple which she will crash making her jealous. Prerna consoles Kukki but Kukki asks her not to worry about her and concentrate on Shivani’s engagement as it’s important day for her. She says that she will be fine. Anurag is drinking when Moloy comes there. He cries and says about Kukki’s rusticated and he himself signed for it. He blames himself as unlucky and Moly consoles them. Anurag breaks down in his arms

Precap : Prerna blames Anurag for Kukki’s condition. Anurag says that he only hates Prerna. Moloy learns from Veena about Anurag’s betrayal 8 years back. He slaps Anurag