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The episode starts with Mohini gets irked by the continuous ranting of calling Bell by someone. She opens the door to find a fuming Prerna and calls her classless. She asks for Komolika by Mohini says that she’s not here and asks her to leave. Prerna says that Komolika has kidnapped her sister using her brother Rohit and she’s here to find it out. Mohini doesn’t believe her but Prerna enters forcefully and shouts for Komolika. She goes to her room and searches for her when Nivedhita comes there. She says the same to her.
Anurag is on car when Sid calls him. He says that all the arrangements are done in the hotel. On the other hand Prerna asks for Anurag when Nivedhita says that he’s out of city. Prerna believes that Anurag has planned all this using Komolika and Rohit and escaped as an alibi. Komolika warns her to not say anything about her brother as he won’t do such thing. Prerna asks does she have any idea what her brother did with her 8 years back. She says about him trying to. Kill her 8 years back and thus she came back die revenge by targeting their business but not their family.

Prerna comes down and asks Komolika about her sister but Komolika acts innocent. Prerna gets angry and warns her that she’ll find her sister and if she does then she’ll straightaway goes to jail. Nivedhita calls Anurag but his phone gets switched off while she gets worried. Komolika calls Ronit and says about Prerna at the back of him and Rohit gets upset. Komolika says that she’s coming and asks him to take care till then.

Bajaj comes to office where Prerna’s secretary reveals about Shivani kidnap. Bajaj immediately calls Prerna who’s following Komolika to find Shivani’s location. She picks up the call and says the same. Prerna requests him to go to police station and get help as they are not ready to believe her. Bajaj agrees and leaves. Bajaj is in police station and a reported named Shyam notices it. He calls his Dada and says about Bajaj on police station and they are going to get a breaking news. He asks him to follow him closely and update without leaving as next day this is going to be the hot news. Prerna follows Komolika and comes to an abundant place and keeps following her. Bajaj asks inspector the reason for him not taking the case seriously which is given by his wife. Inspector says about Shivani loving Ronit before and they would’ve patched up. Bajaj says that it’s 8 years back and asks him to take action immediately. He asks him to call Prerna and ask the location. He calls her and Prerna says the location to him. They both leave. Reporter gives the news to his Dada and they plan to go there too.

Precap : Prerna rescues Shivani’s but Shivani makes a shocking statement in front of media and everyone that she loves Ronit and came to marry him