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Episode starts with Shivani breaking off the marriage with Ronit. Ronit asks her even after knowing why did she go through all the rasams? Shivani replies she always thought his sister is not a good person but he is and he loves Shivani but the assumptions were wrong. Shivani cries and runs and takes a cab, while Ronit just follows her.

In the asharam, Priyanka is shocked look listening to Chandrika. Chandrika also confesses that few years back the fire at asharam was put by me as it was order from Komolika to burn the place and kill Prerna’s daughter. Priyanka is shocked and says I will tell everything to Prerna. To this Chandrika holds her tightly and tries to cut off her finger.

Priyanka cries in pain, to which Chandrika says go ahead and do that but then you wont be able to see your kid as I will kidnap her sending some goons and kill her. Priyanka cries. Just then Samedha comes and Chandrika has to leave Priyanka. Samedha cries and says I saw a very bad dream that Komolika is trying to kill Prerna. Priyanka consoles her. Samedha asks her to call Prerna and ask if she is alright, Priyanka says okay I will and takes her inside.

Ronit and Shivani both are very emotional thinking about past. Ronit tries calking Shivani but Shivani doesn’t pick up and msgs him that stop calling and he is being blocked.

Here, Prerna gets a call from Priyanka, so Prerna worries if everything is alright. Priyanka assures her and says Samedha is not getting any sleep and she wanted to talk to you. Samedha asks Prerna to sing a lori for her and help her go to sleep. Prerna agrees and sings a lori for Samedha who sleeps after sometime.

Next morning, In Basu mansion, Anurag comes home, to which Komolika questions him that where he was? Anurag replies laughing that he was with Anupam making fun of you, how you got fooled by Prerna. Anurag also says she is impressed by Prerna how she gave you a fine of 200 crore instead of just an ownership. Komolika fumes with anger.

At university, we see Kuki with her friend, her friend says how Kaushik confessed and saved Kuki. To this Kuki gets angry and says he did all this in the first place to take revenge from her. Kaushik is listening to this and comes and takes Kuki with him.

Angry Komolika is driving and thinking that this time it’s her turn to take a move and then Prerna’s game will be over.

Priyanka comes to Prerna to take a check for fresh flowers. Priyanka is confused how to make Prerna take Samedha. Hesitantly, she asks Prerna if she wants to adopt Samedha. Prerna is surprised.

At university, Kaushik confesses how Kuki’s goodness forced her to surrender and then fall in love. Kuki is surprised to hear that Kaushik loves her.

At asharam, Komolika comes and tells Chandrika that she wants to adopt Samedha. To this Chandrika says no if she goes neither you nor Prerna will give me money. Komolika says she will give double the price Chandrika is asking for.

Priyanka apologizes to a surprised Prerna and says that she just meant normally. Prerna said I am happy to hear, infact I am so excited to adopt her. They discuss about the procedures. Prerna calls Mr. Bajaj as his signature would be required too. Mr. Bajaj informs Prerna that he is in a meeting it will take a while. Priyanka says let’s go and atleast make the papers. Prerna agrees.

Precap – Prerna tells Anurag how because of his mistake their Sneha died in a fire at asharam. Anurag is shocked