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The episode starts with Komolika asking Ronit about Shivani. He says that she’s inside. Komolika says Ronit that Prerna is following him. Ronit gets worried but Komolika calms him down. Prerna comes there and asks for Shivani. Komolika acts innocent but police brings Shivani from inside. Prerna says Inspector that Komolika has kidnapped her sister ahs asks him to attack her. Shivani stands worried whole Komolika gets handcuffed. She keeps saying that she’s innocent but none believes her.

Moloy, Nivedhita and Mohini keeps trying Anurag and Komolika’s mobile but none answers it. Moloy asks Nivedhita to try Prerna’s phone. Mohini tries stopping but Moloy insists and she calls Prerna and gives it to Moloy. Prerna picks up the call and without knowing who’s at the other end cuts the call saying about Komolika’s arrest for her sister’s kidnapping. Moloy gets happy and says the same to Mohini and Nivedhita. Mohini asks Nivedhita to call lawyer but Moloy asks why. Mohini says that Komolika is Basu bahu abs they can’t let her go to jail. Nivedhita agrees with Mohini.

Police starts taking away Komolika and Ronit while Media questions Shivani. Shivani asks Police to stop and says that none kidnapped her. She says that she came there on her will as she loves Ronit. She says she came there to discuss about their marriage with Komolika. Prerna asks Shivani not to lie and asks if they threatened her with anything. Shivani denies and asks Prerna to accept that she loves Ronit. Shivani apologizes media that Prerna has misunderstood the situation. Media questions Komolika of the same and Komolika says she’s ready to accept their relation. She is says Prerna doesn’t want to accept their marriage and that’s why Shivani came for her help. Prerna watches shocked when Media asks if she would accept the relationship and joins hands with Basus. A fuming Prerna without answering drags Shivani with her and leaves the place.

Media asks Komolika about the situation while Komolika pleads them indirectly insisting them to write article against Prerna. She leaves saying that she needs to make preparations for marriage. Nivedhita and Mohini are worried for Komolika while Moloy mocks. Kaushik comes there and Moloy says him about the news. Kaushik worries for company’s reputation when Komolika comes there. She says that nothing happened to her and says about Ronit and Shivani’s marriage shocking everyone. Prerna comes home fuming and Veena asks what happened. Prerna says that she wants to speak with Shivani in private.

Precap : Shivani shouts that she wants to marry Ronit and doesn’t care about her revenge. Komolika says about smartly trapping Prerna using Shivani.