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Episode starts with Komolika introducing Samedha to Basu family. Nivedita and Mohini are not very happy about adoption, Anurag is very happy and thinks this is one of the best things Komolika has done. Anurag is caressing Samedha. Komolika smirks seeing that.

Here at Asharam, listening the truth from Priyanka has left Prerna in tears. Priyanka asks Chandrika to speak up the truth. Chandrika tries to threaten her but Prerna gets angry on Chandrika. She doesn’t let Chandrika go out of room, Prerna holds her hand and threatens to call police and harm her. Chandrika tells all the truth how Komolika asked her to put a fire and how she saved Samedha for her monetary benefit. Prerna says I am leaving you just because of Priyanka’s request.

In Basu mansion, we see Anurag talking to Samedha and asks her if she wants Prerna aunty or Komolika aunty. Samedha says Prerna as she is just like her mother, she has done everything that my mother would have done. Anurag thinks now he will unite Prerna and Samedha and he won’t let Prerna feel a child loss again.

At Bajaj mansion, Shivani tells Kuki to talk to Kaushik and sort things out first because if she waits for her parent’s consent it will take a long time. That thing can happen after you both are united. Kuki decides to call Kaushik. Kaushik sees but doesn’t pick up thinking about what happened in the hospital.

Here, Prerna is on her way to Basu mansion, she calls Mr. Bajaj and tells him everything. Mr. Bajaj asks her to wait, he will also join her but Prerna says this time Komolika has challenged a mother, I am enough to show her what I am capable of.

At Basu mansion, Nivedita tells Komolika that their family is mordern but Mohini is still a little old school for adoption. She also says why there is a need of adoption when Anurag already has a daughter. Komolika says Prerna doesn’t have Sneha, she thinks she is dead. Nivedeta refuses to believe this, Komolika says have you ever seen a pic of Sneha, No, because Prerna thinks she is dead but actually she is not. She reveals that Samedha is Sneha but Prerna doesn’t know that. Nivedita is shocked. Mohini also comes to know about it and is shocked. Komolika asks them not to tell to Anurag.

Here, Kuki comes to the Chai wale bhaiya to whom Kaushik always came. He recognises Kuki as Kaushik’s girlfriend. Anushka then explains him how Kuki and Kaushik love each other but now Kuki has to propose him. Chai wala Bhaiya agrees to help, he calls Kaushik and asks her to come to his shop fast.

At Basu mansion, Anurag enters the room saying what is the use of hiding from me. Mohini and Nivedita go out. Komolika is worried thinking Anurag now knows the truth. Anurag says how can she do this to Prerna, she wanted to adopt Samedha. He also accuses her of knowing everything that Prerna went through for a loss of a child and still she is doing this. Komolika is relieved thinking Anurag doesn’t know the whole truth. Komolika then pretends how she did everything for him. She says I also bonded with Samedha, so it’s not my mistake. Anurag says you have crossed all levels.

Episode ends.

Precap – Prerna shouts at Komolika and says she will take Samedha. Prerna says till now you have seen my anger but now you will see a side of mother’s revenge. Cut to scene where Anurag says that he cuts off all ties with Komolika. Komolika is shocked. Cut to scene where Komolika is paying ransom to goons to kill Prerna.