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The episode starts with Bajaj asking Ronit to continue the engagement. He wears the ring to Shivani and they gets engaged Prerna follows Bajaj and apologizes him for misunderstanding him. Bajaj acts angry and taunts about her distrust. Prerna pleads once again and then he agrees. She asks him to smile once and he does. Komolika watches it from far. Nivedhita too fumes seeing it. Kukki and Kaushik meet accidentally but Kukki leaves.

Mohini finds Komolika lost in thoughts and asks what happened. Komolika calls her fir having food and Kajal takes them for getting their food. Komolika asks for fish and Kajal says that they are vegetarian. Komolika says that they are Bengali and don’t they know this. Mohini asks Kajal to leave. While she will manage Komolika. She asks Komolika why she’s upset. Komolika says that she has snatched almost everything from Bajaj but still Prerna looks happy. She says that it sometimes feels that both Bajaj and Prerna are not showing off but are really a good couple. Mohini says that they are showing off and asks her not to have any doubt regarding it. She says that they do need this marriage to happen and after marriage Shivani will become the puppet in her hands. Komolika doubts Anurag for helping Prerna but Mohini denies it. Veena comes from back and they panic that if she heard anything. Veena asks is there any problem and Komolika complains about no non veg in their food. Mohini taunts her for the same.

Sameera is helping her Maasi in her decoration. She expresses her love for red flowers and goes to kitchen. Mohini takes Komolika with her but in the process Komolika pushes a burning coal on the table and the table starts burning. None notices it. Veena says that if it isn’t for Shivani’s happiness she wouldn’t have agreed to the alliance at all. Sameera is in the kitchen. Ronit asks Shivani to wait and goes somewhere. Kukki asks Shivani is she happy and Shivani says that she’s very much happy.

She says about their past when they broke up and even she sent him to jail and the enmity between families. She says that she never imagined for them to see this day. Shivani leaves and Kukki wonders why none of the love story is as sweet as they show in films. Kaushik says that hers can be that way but Kukki leaves saying that after meeting him every boy in the world seems foolish.

Ronit comes to Prerna and Bajaj and asks if he can join office from the next day and they agree. He leaves. Shivani gives sweets to Bajaj who refuses but Prerna urges him to eat. Veena gives sweets to Moloy who showed his apology for not being any help to her. Bajaj goes to Komolika and Komolika asks why’s he keeping a watch on her 24×7. He says that it’s her who’s keeping a watch on Prerna and asks her to stay away from Prerna as she’s here to destroy her. He says that he has never seen such insecure and jealous person ever and asks her to concentrate on her husband too and leaves. The fire spreads fast and Kukki notices the smoke.

Precap : Prerna comes to Sameera’s rescue. Bajaj tries saving Prerna and Sameera.