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Zee TV show Kashibai Bajirao Ballal is showcasing how Balaji has received a bad news of Peshwa’s kidnapping. Kashi will come up with a solution while Balaji will doubt whether he will be the next Peshwa or not. Kashi’s idea will shock King Shahu. Will Bajirao support Kashi? It will be interesting to watch how the story will unfold further.

Previously it was shown that Chimaji and Ganga told Bajirao and Kashi to accept each other as husband and wife not just friends. Bajirao and Kashi felt hesitant but still tested each other whether they are ready to accept their marriage in true sense or not. Later Chimaji pranked Bajirao and Kashi talked about going to Chaskaman for five months. That shocked Bajirao and he acted like he doesn’t care but then he revealed that he can’t live without her. Kashi felt sad first thinking Bajirao doesn’t care for her but then she got happy and told she also can’t live without Bajirao. Radha got happy thinking Kashi wants to pray for her father in law. Bajirao tried to attack Chimaji to teach him a lesson but Kashi stopped him.

In future episodes it will be seen that Balaji will learn present Peshwa has been abducted by Ranisaheba’s soldiers. Baji and Kashi will pray for Balaji at temple. Kashi will give prasad to Balaji but the latter will reveal he can’t become Peshwa because of Ranisaheba’s plotting. He will go to rescue the Peshwa immediately and will give Bajirao the responsibility of Wada’s protection. There Kashi will get an idea to make Balaji the next Peshwa. Radha will not trust her at first but later Bajirao will get convinced by Kashi. Kashi will get Radha’s permission to meet Balaji to give him a solution. Baji will leave with Kashi. Later Kashi will tell King Shahu that Balaji can’t save the Peshwa by being a commander only. He has to become the Peshwa in order to free Bahiropant Pingle.

Will King Shahu agree with Kashi?

Will Balaji become Peshwa?

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