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The episode starts with Katha tells Dr.Amit that she saved forty lakhs and thought she done a wonderful job. She and Aarav used to talk about treat as a magical treatment. But now she has not done anything such to do Aarav’s magical treatment and drops to the ground. Dr.Amit goes to her and reminds her about her strength. He then encourages her. Katha encourages herself to arrange remaining money saying she managed forty lakhs in five years so she can able to manage remaining money. Dr.Amit tells her they have only one week time because Aarav’s health is worsened already. Katha gets shocked. Dr.Amit tells her he have done everything in her power now its her who has to do the remaining. Katha leaves the place.

Viaan calls his mother and informs about her getting a business deal. She congratulates him. She then informs him about his father’s dead anniversary and her plan to conduct a puja. She asks him to invite also bring the priest. Viaan gets irked but agrees. He then hears a knock and sees his employee entering a room. She tells him that she wants to talk to him about thr upcoming project and tries to flirt with him. Viaan sends her out. His friend comes there. Viaan asks Jitu bhai to arrange the employees resignation letter then leaves the place. His friend informs Jitu Bhai today is Viaan’s father’s death anniversary and shares his worry about him. Katha discusses with her friend to arrange money on her way in the train. She gers upset when she fails to get immediate solution. She then stops infront of a temple.

Katha enters the temple and recalls proposing Adi in temple infront of everyone also learns through him he also likes her the most for a year but he says he is more romantic than her so he waited for a right time. He then shows her a ring. Katha gets happy but scolds him for buying an expensive ring. He tells her the ring choses it’s own finger and makes her wear it. The FB ends. Katha realises she recalled those precious moments. She then apologises to Adi for her decision to use the ring but tells she knows he lives under Aarav. She then walks towards the temple. Viaan also comes to the temple. They both prays to God but fails to notice one another and leaves the place.

Katha comes out of the temple and her friend picks her up from there. Her friend sees Katha’s empty finger and asks her is she sold the ring. Katha remains silent. Her friend tells the ring is the last memory of Adi’s. But Katha says Adi lives through Aarav. Her friend gets shocked learning for the amount Katha sold her ring and says it’s expensive than that though. Katha says she had no other options. Katha’s friend scold the doctor for giving a week time only but Katha defends Dr.Amit saying Aarav is too weak. She also adds that even she tries to earn money through her other works she don’t think how she is going to manage the treatment amount though.

Viaan goes to his mother’s room who is emotional seeing his fathers photo. He informs her about the puja which preparations she asked him to manage it and informs her he arranged it. Her mother praises him. Katha and her friend reaches Katha’s home. Before Katha enters her friend stops her and shows the way Aarav is arguing with Falguniben for letting him win the game and asks her to give him tough fight. Katha’s friend enters the house and informs Aarav good news is waiting for him which Katha will tell him. Katha comes there with a running shoe and tells him indirectly that he get a donor. Aarav gets happy and runs here and there. Katha calms him down. Aarav once again asks Katha about his recovery. Katha assures him and looks on.

Precap: Katha realises she can’t able to arrange money on her own so decides to go somewhere. Katha’s friend asks here where she is going. Katha says to the place she should have gone already. She goes to a house where the people are happily meeting. She meets a man in that house and gets hopeful when he asks if he helps her then Aarav gets speedy recovery so nods yes and looks on.

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Katha Ankahee 6th December 2022 Written Update: Katha gets a good news