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The episode starts with Badi Amma asking Giriraj to stop Kavya and reminds Giriraj that she is his Badi Amma. Giriraj says to Badi Amma that if she was really his mother then he wouldn’t have made him cremate his own son. Adi comments on Badi Amma. Badi Amma reminds Giriraj that due to him, his son is dead but she still forgave him. Malini asks Badi Amma to stop speaking non sense. Kavya is about to throw Badi Amma out of the house. Badi Amma gets heart attack.

After a few days, Giriraj sees Santu is looking at news and eagerly waits for Adi’s election results. Giriraj checks on Badi Amma’s health condition over the phone. Malini asks Giriraj to stop thinking of Badi Amma and reminds that she is the murderer of their son. Malini says she also knows Badi Amma falsely accused him.

It is shown Giriraj asks a guy to take his brother’s medicine a little late so that his brother will be dead.

Adi comes with good news that he has won. Bansal family also comes to Adi’s house. Adi makes Kavya sit in a chair. Adi announces to all the family members that all the charges against her have been dropped and she is reinstated as SDM. Adi says to Kavya that this is his biggest win. Kavya and Adi celebrate it. Mayank and Anjali praise Adi as he thinks of Kavya’s win as his win. Rajiv comments on Adi and says he still needs to be worthy of Kavya.

Kavya announces that Adi has won the MLA elections. Adi celebrates with Kavya.

Giriraj looks at a doll and speaks to himself. Giriraj says to Malini that this is his dream and Adi will help him in becoming a central minister.

Kavya comes to the kitchen and she finds Adi eating ice cream in the kitchen. Kavya and Adi say to each other that they are scared. Adi says to Kavya that tomorrow is his first day and he doesn’t know if he will be able to do the job well. Kavya says to Adi that people elected him because they trust you. Kavya asks Adi to stop thinking too much. Kavya later says she is scared as tomorrow is her first day after her suspension. Adi reminds she is already an SDM. Kavya says this suspension has shaken her confidence. Adi encourages Kavya. Adi and Kavya later encourage each other.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Adi says to Kavya that they should make a promise that their work will not come in their relationship. Adi and Kavya make the promise.

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