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The episode starts with Adi coming to Anjali and Kavya and asks them why are they talking about going to a doctor and asks if anything wrong with both of them. Kavya and Anjali say there is nothing. Anjali leaves from there.

Anjali comes and hugs Rajiv in happiness. Rajiv asks Anjali to not be too happy and comments on it.

Adi later makes an announcement that Sanjiv and Alka are going to be married. Malini gets upset hearing it.

The next day, Malini ignores Alka. Adi learns Kavya has gone to office from Santu.

Kavya and Anjali are shown to be waiting for doctor to confirm if Kavya is pregnant or not. Kavya says to Anjali that she is worried that she is not ready to be a mother and comments on it. Anjali comforts Kavya and says everything is going to be fine.

Adi and Kavya see in the news that there is a blast in Manipal Ganj Muncipal high school one kid is dead and 2 are injured. The doctor after checking Kavya says she is looking like she is pregnant but they will have to wait for the reports to be sure. Kavya asks Anjali not to tell anyone in the house that she is pregnant.

In the MLA meeting, the chief minister asks Adi if he ever went to Manipal Ganj Muncipal high school. Adi says he never went there. Adi says he will make a report and give it to them by evening. Ripu Dhawan also scolds Kavya for not doing Manipal Ganj Muncipal high school. Kavya reminds that she is suspended for 1 year and says she will submit the report to him by evening. Kavya feels vomitting sensation and she leaves from there.

Dr Garima calls Malini thinking she is Kavya and congratulates her and says she is pregnant. Dr Garima later reveals to Malini that Kavya is pregnant. Malini thanks Dr Garima for the news.

Ripu Dhawan asks Kavya if she will be able to take up Manipal Ganj mucipal high school case if not he will give it to Shubh. Kavya says she can do it. Shubh asks Kavya to take rest and says he will do it. Kavya comments on it. Kavya asks Shubh to get her files from her room and leaves from there. Kavya messages to Shubh and comments on him.

Malini later gives the good news to Adi that Kavya is pregnant over the phone. Adi after talking to Malini asks Adi not to tell anyone and allow Kavya to tell everyone. Malini agrees.

Adi and Kavya reach Manipal Ganj High School. Adi and Kavya after doing inspection learn that some people are making bombs here and a bomb was accidentally blasted and kids are injured. The attender allowed these illegal things to happen. The kids and teachers don’t generally come to school. Santu comes and hits the attender. Santu reveals to Adi that one of the people injured in the bomb blast is his brother and doctor Saif that his chance of survival is slim. Adi makes a promise to Santu that nothing will happen to his brother and this school will be reopened properly.

Episode ends.

Precap :-Adi and Kavya are shown to have into a problem and they try to solve it together. Adi learns Shubh works as trainee SDM under Kavya.

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